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Redditors are recommending the most exciting and fast-paced TV shows about doctors working hard at hospitals.
The last season of New Amsterdam premiered at the end of September 2022, and passionate Dr. Max Goodwin's journey is coming to an end. Medical dramas are always fan favorites as they feature high-stakes surgeries and mysterious illnesses plus lots of drama between the main characters. Whether doctors are fighting about the best way to proceed or they're involved in a complicated romance, there's always something compelling happening.
Redditors have shared the medical drama TV series that they like the most, and these all feature exciting and fast-paced storylines about professionals trying to save patients and also dealing with rich personal lives.
Redditor vagabondeluxe recommended ER, a classic series "there is some stuff about the doctors’ lives but the main focus it’s always in the hospital, the couples are not soapy and are fairly realistic plus the relationships never overshadows the hospital job."
While some ER storylines aren't resolved, the show is still a perfect example of how to combine smart medical stories with romances and friendships that fans become invested in with every dramatic passing season. It's also fun to see stars Julianna Margulies and George Clooney as Carol Hathaway and Doug Ross, especially since they have such a sweet relationship that is off and on.
For one Redditor, Code Black, which aired for three seasons, is one of the greatest medical dramas. The fan wrote that it is "set in the busiest ER in the nation," which definitely causes some tense storylines.
Code Black sticks out because the residents working in the emergency room of Angels Memorial Hospital are always dealing with less than ideal working conditions. According to Nursing CE Central, a "code black" translates to not having enough staff, resources or beds.
Redditor Shot_Blueberry2728 said "The Good Doctor is so underrated." There have been five seasons so far and season 6 is coming in early October 2022.
The show focuses on a surgeon named Shaun Murphy who is autistic and has savant syndrome. He is hired at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital and the series is about his interactions with the other doctors. The show is adapted from the South Korean series. The Good Doctor is always compelling and has a lot of emotion in each scene.
Nic Nevin and Conrad Hawkins are the fascinating main characters of The Resident, and it's fun watching their dynamic shift as the show goes on.
Redditor uncertain_confusion shared their love for the series, writing it's a "phenomenal show (still ongoing!!!) that balances diagnosing medical conditions (great for the premed student aka me) and character-driven story." The show is about doctors at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital but stands out from other medical shows by talking about how tough and complicated it can be to run a hospital.
Grey's Anatomy is definitely the golden standard for contemporary medical dramas. Redditor Silly-Ad-352 shared that they enjoy it, writing, "I’ve really gotten into Grey’s Anatomy, and I’ve been absolutely hooked, so it just might take the top spot."
From Meredith Grey's personal life that involves sad childhood memories and coming to terms with her parents today to the romances that take place at the hospital, the show has more than enough tension and juicy storylines to keep fans interested season after season. Grey's Anatomy has brilliant doctors and characters who stick with viewers.
The Night Shift can definitely be considered an underrated TV series about doctors. Redditor popmintmontana recommended the series and wrote, "i feel like not a lot of people talk about it but i love it."
The Night Shift aired for four seasons and, as the name says, focuses on doctors at San Antonio Memorial Hospital who take on the difficult and trying shift late at night and into the early morning hours. There is a good mix of personal and professional stories here and the fact that the characters work during these difficult hours makes it feel even more dramatic and intense.
Chicago Med premiered in 2015 and is connected to Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire. Redditor Iwantyourbrains_18 wrote that they enjoy it because it has "Less focus on physician/nurse drama and more on patient cases and medical ethics (with some drama sprinkled here and there)."
The best episodes of Chicago Med show how the doctors would do anything to help their patients and the series always keeps viewers fascinated by proving that the characters don't get always agree or get along, but they're always on the same team.
Redditor taaltrek said "House is fun" and this show definitely comes up often when fans discuss the medical shows that they're watching. Over 8 seasons, Dr. Gregory House is an incredibly tough and stubborn character who knows that he's brilliant and is better at diagnosing strange illnesses than talking to people.
Although House doesn't seem very compassionate, he's a riveting character to watch because he's always able to figure out what's going on with each patient, no matter what it is. Even though the show can feel a bit formulaic since it does involve a new case each episode, House is a compelling person and makes the series binge-worthy.
Redditor SnowboardSasquatch recommended "Private Practice," the spin-off of Grey's Anatomy that sees Addison Montgomery moving to California and working at Oceanside Wellness Group with several practitioners who have strong beliefs about helping people.
Private Practice has interesting relationships, along with a beautiful setting, and since it doesn't take place at a hospital, it offers up something different and unique. The characters are also tough and sensitive, which creates powerful plotlines.
Only airing for two seasons, the HBO drama The Knick takes place at Knickerbocker Hospital in New York City in 1900. Redditor fehlings-reaction wrote that it's an "Awesome show if you like historical medicine!"
Since many other popular medical dramas take place in today's era, it's fascinating to watch a historical show. The main character, Dr. John Thackery, is a brilliant doctor who is dealing with several personal struggles.
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