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Netflix’s latest hit is Devil in Ohio and fans of the creepy thriller are sure to appreciate the chills that come from these other TV shows.
Proving once again that they are the destination for every type of streaming content, Netflix's newest series Devil in Ohio is the psychological thriller that fans have been dreaming of. Using a cult as its backdrop, the show isn't the only terrifying series to keep fans in constant suspense.
From true crime epics like Mindhunter to heartrending limited series like Under the Banner of Heaven, there are plenty more chillers out there for viewers who don't want to leave the edge of their seats. Though suspense thrillers are a dime-a-dozen nowadays, only the best capture the same frightening vibe as Devil in Ohio.
Though not nearly as creepy as Devil in Ohio, Pieces of Her still manages to be a gripping mystery with a lot of emotional weight. After a sudden and violent event happens while she is at the mall with her mother, a young woman begins to investigate the past of the woman she thought she knew.
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Dark pasts are almost a cliché of the psychological thriller genre, but Pieces of Her is so clever that it subverts the viewer's expectations. Toni Collette gives her usually brilliant performance and is able to imbue her character with subtle mystery that keeps the viewer guessing throughout.
Though there have been plenty of shows like Shining Girls, few have captured the surreal spirit presented within. The show concerns a woman who, after a past trauma, is constantly struggling to keep a grip on reality. Meanwhile, a recent murder seems to point toward something from her past and she feels compelled to investigate.
Leaning more heavily on the psychological aspects of its premise, fans of Devil in Ohio will still get the chilling fix they are looking for. The character-driven narrative perfectly balances out the compelling mystery, and Elizabeth Moss once again proves that she is a dominant force in TV.
Netflix has been on a roll lately, and some of their best miniseries have aired in the last few years. Echoes is the story of two twins who secretly swapped lives when they were younger. When one twin goes missing, their entire elaborate plan begins to crumble around them.
In a lot of psychological thriller stories, the character is somehow disconnected from the events. Echoes on the other hand makes the main characters the mystery, and it is all the more compelling because of that. Devil in Ohio may be more creepy, but both shows share an uncomfortable tone that sticks with the viewer long after the season ends.
Deftly blending psychological thrills with surrealism, Dark was a mind-bending experience that left many audience members stunned. The disappearance of two young children shatters the tranquility of a small German town and begins to dig up dark secrets from the town's past.
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Rivaling Devil in Ohio in its creepiness, Dark showed just how good a psychological thriller series could be at effectively building suspense. The entire series has an unsettling undertone, and it never relies on the overused plot devices that plague most crime thriller stories.
Questions of faith connect Devil in Ohio with the series Dark Winds, and both shows aren't afraid to go to dark places to tell their stories. The series concerns a pair of Navajo policemen during the 1970s who investigate a string of murders that shake their beliefs to the core.
Asking broad existential questions about the nature of humanity, the show offers the unique perspective of Indigenous American cultures that aren't often represented on TV. Contrasting its dark content with the beautiful vistas of the Southwest, the show is a feast for the eyes and the mind.
Bringing the experiences of Special Agent John Douglas to life in vivid detail, Mindhunter is generally considered one of the best Netflix original series of all time. The show follows the aforementioned special agent as he interviews famous serial killers in order to form a psychological profile of potential murderers.
If Devil in Ohio contrives its creepy story for greater effect, Mindhunter is exponentially more unsettling because it is all mostly true. The show goes to great lengths to bring some of history's most notorious murderers to life, and the show has enough twists and turns to satisfy any thriller junky.
Though some fans saw a steep decline in quality after season 1, the premiere run of True Detective is a high point in TV history. The anthology style show chronicles a new story each season, and follows detectives as they investigate cases that bring them face to face with the darkness of the soul.
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Unflinching with its portrayal of law enforcement, the show was immediately applauded for its gritty nature and brilliant acting. Fans of Devil in Ohio will enjoy the similarities between the shows' dark tones, and though it isn't necessarily horror, True Detective can be quite frightening.
Like Devil in Ohio, Black Bird is a character-driven narrative that relies heavily on a strong performance from its lead actor. The show concerns a convicted felon who attempts to avoid jail time by agreeing to befriend a serial killer in prison in order to ascertain the location of missing bodies.
The talented Taron Egerton shines in one of his best roles, and the twisting nature of the narrative means there is never a dull moment. Brilliantly weaving the story throughout its relatively short runtime, the miniseries cuts out all the fat and gets straight to the heart of the matter.
Though somewhat less psychological than Devil in Ohio, The Path shows the flip side of the coin of religious fundamentalism and explores those themes in depth. The show concerns a man who converts to a strange sect of Christianity in order to make a better life for himself.
After making a name for himself in Breaking Bad, The Path was an opportunity for Aaron Paul to show he was more than a one-trick pony, and he excelled. The show has a lot to say about the nature of religion, and the psychological effect it has on its practitioners and those who lead congregations. While not necessarily a thriller by nature, the show is nevertheless a thrilling experience.
Audiences weren't quite prepared for the amount of psychological drama in Under the Banner of Heaven, but the show gave them an experience they'll never forget. The story concerns a devoutly religious detective who investigates a case that seems to point toward an extremely devout LDS family and their hatred of outsiders.
Just as Devil in Ohio has its main character questioning the place of religion in modern society, Under the Banner of Heaven deals with the structural unsettling of belief in the mind of one man. Andrew Garfield is electric in the series, and its true-crime narrative unfolds in one of the most satisfying slow burns in TV history.
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