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From the Six Feet Under series finale to Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding, Redditors have taken their pick over which episodes enthrall viewers.
The article contains TV clips with graphic violence. Viewer discretion advised.
HBO’s House of the Dragon continues to gain praise, with fans frequently claiming that each new episode is the best one amid great ratings success that validates these claims. While House of the Dragon still has a long way to go, Redditors have been vocal about which TV show episodes they think deserve to be considered the greatest of all.
These TV collections span from dark fantasy shows such as Supernatural to the popular Game of Thrones twists and turns. Also, Redditors felt so strongly about certain episodes because they detailed the shock factor or found them to be an emotional conclusion to a beloved series.
While fans are used to listening to Dr. Cox’s various rants and insults in Scrubs, he has a serious turn in “My Screw Up.” The episode follows Cox’s friend Ben getting him to come to terms with the death of a patient, only for the ending to reveal that Ben was the one who had died all along.
Redditor Wolfhound1142 loved the twist because they were “thoroughly blindsided by something to realize it was the only possible truth. It's phenomenal writing.” The episode showed Cox’s coping mechanism to imagine Ben talking to him, with the character reluctantly accepting this fact by the end for what is a heartbreaking story to watch.
Redditor UsernameChallenged loved The Simpsons’ “You Only Live Twice” because it “introduced probably the greatest one-episode character of all time.” The story sees Homer working for Hank Scorpio but is oblivious to the fact that Scorpio is clearly a supervillain.
Scorpio’s presence is one of the many James Bond references found in The Simpsons, complete with having an evil lair and henchmen. The episode has been lauded for the change of scenery it provides, along with Scorpio’s characterization where he appears as a benevolent boss to Homer but is truly an evil mastermind.
Redditor JinDenver claims that “this is the only episode that even closely gets to an objective best-ever.” The M*A*S*H finale sees the ceasefire of the Korean War, which means that the main characters can now go their separate ways after years of serving together.
M*A*S*H was praised for tying up all loose ends and for delivering a heartwarming goodbye between all the protagonists. With just about every box ticked in terms of fan service and plot fulfillment, it’s understandable why the Redditor believes no other episode can eclipse this in quality.
In this episode of The Sopranos, Tony Soprano’s associates mess up a routine collection, so much so that they end up trying (and failing) to kill the person they were meant to do business with. Redditor Bodymaster opined that it had “great writing and dialogue, great direction, gangsters being stupid, a perfect mix of dark comedy and drama.”
“Pine Barrens” is often considered one of the greatest TV episodes by critics as well due to the thematic connections to the series that show just how violent the gangster life can get. With some humor thrown in with all the brutality, there’s something for all kinds of fans of mature content to enjoy.
Matt Smith proved why the Eleventh Doctor is one of the best incarnations in Doctor Who with “Vincent and the Doctor.” Redditor ImplementItchy5158 loves the episode because “it's so sad and a beautiful tribute to the painter.”
The story is about the Doctor and his companion Amy’s interaction with Vincent van Gogh, as they help him try and overcome his depression. The heartwarming way with which the episode tackled sensitive material has been lauded, particularly for the ending when van Gogh sees his work revered in the future.
True Detective’s first season surrounds an unsolved murder that leads the main characters down a rabbit hole of crime. This episode has them part of a botched raid, with Redditor KimDShortt calling the scene a “remarkable six-minute single-shot sequence that rivals any movie in quality.”
The scene in question is one long take that has various twists and turns where the protagonists attempt to protect their cover. The overall episode is also gripping for the heroes zeroing in on the case. All the positive factors combined won director Cary Joji Fukunaga the Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series.
The Red Wedding is a major event in Game of Thrones that comes to pass in "The Rains of Castamere." Redditor Ok_Musician_1072 credits it for its “overwhelming soundtrack, great acting, and one of the most shocking scenes in television history.”
The story features the last appearances of Robb, Talisa, and Catelyn Stark, as they are massacred in what is a harrowing episode that many didn’t see coming. “The Rains of Castamere” is a prime example of how Game of Thrones managed to pull viewers in and provide long-term consequences for closing one story and opening another.
It’s practically unheard of for Six Feet Under’s series finale to go unmentioned among the greatest ever out there. Redditor yeahyeahiknow2 has praised it further by writing that “those last 10 minutes are by far the best ending to a series ever recorded.”
The finale not only concludes all the drama of the family but goes across decades to show how each one ultimately passed away. “Everyone’s Waiting” left no unanswered questions and wrapped up everything to deliver a completely satisfying viewing experience set to a beautiful soundtrack.
The Good Place is about people in the afterlife who spend time there before they are ready to move on. The final episode sees them achieve their purpose as they prepare to end their time in the universe. Redditor Sepredia says they “absolutely sobbed… at the end of that show. It was amazingly beautiful.”
“Whenever You’re Ready” deals with themes of fulfillment and purpose, wrapped up in a comedic tone. With all the characters reaching the end of their development, it leaves viewers with a sense of satisfaction that the goal of the series is completely achieved by the end.
“Swan Song” is unanimously considered to be the best episode in Supernatural’s entire run, bringing the Winchester brothers’ conflict with Lucifer to a close. Redditor Boldrini22 writes that the “finale of the season 5 was beautiful,” making reference to how the power of love overcame the devil’s hate.
“Swan Song” sees Sam sacrifice himself to drag Lucifer to Hell with himself, leaving Dean heartbroken at the loss of his younger sibling. It exemplified how the brothers’ love was ultimately their greatest strength, which is what Supernatural based its show over.
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