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The users of Reddit have helpfully identified a number of vampire TV series that should be seen as among the best.
Though the Netflix series First Kill only received one season, the fact that it existed at all is a testament to the extent to which vampires remain a key part of the cultural imagination. Indeed, there are few monsters who have appeared so frequently in a variety of movies and TV series, reaching out time and again to remind human spectators of their deepest fears, anxieties, and desires.
Unsurprisingly, the users of Reddit have identified a number of vampire TV series that, in their view, deserve to be seen as among the best that the genre has to offer.
For its first few seasons, True Blood earned a reputation for being one of the best series on HBO. With its sexy edginess, its compelling characters, and its interesting storylines, it managed to inject some new life into the tired vampire formula.
The central love triangle between Sookie Stackhouse, Bill, and Eric was, in fact, one of the most entertaining aspects of the entire saga. Rubix89 is particularly fond of the series’ mythology, writing, “What I liked about True Blood was how they slowly built the vampire lore bit by bit. They didn't come out right away and say "here is everything you need to know about vampires", we learned things as the characters learned within the show.”
Like so many other vampire series, The Vampire Diaries is as much about its human characters as it is about the bloodsucking creatures of the night. In this case, much of the drama focuses on the love triangle between Elena Gilbert and Damon and Stefan Salvatore (the human and the two vampire brothers, respectively).
Over its many seasons, the series deftly wove their fates and fortunes together in a number of fascinating ways. Thus, it’s no wonder that it has managed to enrapture many viewers, including ngiole, who writes: “I took a chance on The Vampire Diaries one winter break on netflix and that show hooked the hell out of me. Great television, very entertaining stuff.”
The central concept of Being Human is that its characters, which include a vampire named Aidan, just want to fit in with humans. It is a skilled blending of both horror and comedy, and the series’ brilliance lies in its ability to keep these two elements of its story working together rather than against one another.
GhostSongX4 calls the series “incredible,” and it’s easy to see why. It is one of those series that, though based on a British series of the same name, still manages to establish its own identity and sense of humor.
Guillermo del Toro is one of the most noted directors working today, with an imagination and a creative vision unlike almost anyone else. Though best-known for his movies, he is also the co-creator of The Strain, which strips away the romantic trappings of vampire mythology to reveal the brutal, ugly, and gory biology beneath.
Tquinn04 says simply: “The strain is excellent.” Visually stunning yet also disturbing, it very much taps into humanity’s deepest fears about the nature of the vampire. It is a series not for the faint of heart, and therein lies its brilliance.
Though many vampire TV series fall into the horror category, there are also several that lean more into science fiction, and that is the case with Sanctuary. Neracca writes, “That show was awesome, and while vampires may not have been the focus all the time, it was still fantastic.”
It is the mythology in Sanctuary that helped to make it so compelling. Despite its low budget, it managed to do the most with its material, and it provided its vampire characters, known as Abnormals, with a very intriguing, rich, and textured backstory. ​​​​​​​
Few spinoffs have achieved quite the level of success as The Originals, which is a series that emerged from the success of The Vampire Diaries. Focusing on the first vampires, it fleshes out the vampire mythology in more detail, focusing on their conflicts and relationships with other species, including werewolves and witches.
SawRub, comparing it to The Vampire Diaries, writes that it is “the better show, a lot more mature and almost no teen drama.” Despite its spinoff nature, it also has a unique flavor of its own, and as a result, it is a testament to how successful a spinoff can actually be.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer remains one of the most well-known and popular vampire series to this day. With its snappy dialogue, its overtly feminist heroine, and its unique take on vampire mythology, it managed to establish itself as one of the best vampire series, both at the time and subsequently.
What makes it especially remarkable is that it manages to not let the teen drama element of its story overwhelm the horror aspect, and Buffy herself is one of the best television heroines. It’s not surprising, then that, JaydedHorror writes simply: “Buffy forever.”
As soon as it premiered, Midnight Mass was hailed as a hidden gem on Netflix. Set on a remote island, it focuses on a priest who brings a vampire back to his congregation, believing it to be an angel, and the horror and chaos that result.
Brooding and sinister and profoundly philosophical, it is a testament to just how thoughtful a horror series can be, all while continuing to showcase its power to frighten viewers. Stephanian6 has this to say: “it’s beautiful. And brilliant.” What’s more, like all the best vampire fiction, it also has more than a little tragedy in the mix, as well.
FX has been notable for many great series, but few are quite as unique or as hilarious as What We Do in the Shadows. Based on the movie of the same name, it follows a group of vampires and long-suffering familiar Guillermo as they try to live and adapt to the modern world.
With its off-beat sensibility, lovable characters, and moments of genuine violence, it is a horror comedy that knows how to bring out the productive tension of its two narratives. S0meKindOfSpecialist writes, “It's consistently funny and goofy. The actors are great in their roles. I can't recommend this show enough to people!”
Though many spin-offs consistently struggle to attain the creative heights of their predecessors, this is not true of Angel. Focusing on one of the most beloved characters from Buffy, it follows him after he leaves her behind and attempts to start his immortal life anew. It is a fascinating portrait of a demonic being tormented by his soul and his attempts to make the world a better place.
As such, it managed to explore territory not taken on by Buffy, which helps to explain its popularity among fans. One Reddit user says: “Angel. In fact I prefer Angel to Buffy even though it's a spin-off.”
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