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Sometimes TV shows are better the second time around, and these are Redditor’s favorite reboots and remakes, such as The Office.
With the recent premiere of Quantum Leap, the executives at NBC are hoping to once again strike gold in the TV reboot department. Though remakes are usually looked down on, a surprisingly large amount of TV reboots have actually done quite well and, in some cases, even succeeded their predecessors.
From dramedy callbacks like Parenthoodto sci-fi epics like Battlestar Galactica, sometimes things are done better the second time around. Though the airwaves are crammed with remakes, users on Reddit went out of their way to mention the absolute best.
Soap operas aren't usually taken seriously as legitimate television, but the original Dark Shadows was one of the most unique entries in the melodramatic genre. User koreth got more value out of the reboot when writing "Dark Shadows (1991). The original was excruciatingly slow-paced and had 1960s daytime soap opera production values".
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While the original series has many fans, the user isn't far off with their assessment of its pace and budget. However, the short-lived reboot attempted to get in on the early-'90s vampire craze and pumped the show up with a higher budget and sex appeal.
Americanizing British TV shows hasn't always been the most successful endeavor, but the American remake of The Office has almost completely overshadowed the original series. When asked which reboot was better than the original, user JebHunter2002 stated succinctly "The Office".
Given more time to breathe, the American series created beloved characters that are still fan favorites to this day. Many of the show's best episodes are infinitely binge-worthy, and there is something about the American series that makes audiences want to watch it over and over again.
Products from the '80s are almost too sainted to ever be touched by remakes, but the return of DuckTales was met with a lot of surprised applause. User BumblebeeAdvanced179 had nothing but praise for the children's reboot, saying "New Ducktails is so good."
With a modern voice cast and an all-ages sense of humor, the remake of the nostalgic Disney animated series had something for everyone. Liberated from the 1980s production model that required episodes to be churned out quickly, the new series took its time and finely tuned its humor and style for a viewing experience that was modern and timeless.
Police procedurals have been successful in nearly every decade of TV history, and it is almost a guarantee that hits of the past will be hits in the modern day as well. User catnapspirit saw the show's longevity as a success when they said, "Hawaii 5-0 had a long run. They must have been doing something right."
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While the remake may not have surpassed the original in quality or length, it was still a show on par with the series that spawned it. The beautiful vistas of Hawaii never get old, and considering how long procedural shows usually last, Hawaii 5-0 was certainly able to hold its own among other massive cop show hits.
Though many beloved franchises from the '80s are held dearly by fans, there is no denying that most of them were made for cynical reasons. User Grauzevn8 understood this when they said "The She-Ra reboot is ridiculously better than the original in so many ways its not even funny".
The He-Manspinoff was originally made to cash in on the unbelievable success of the franchise, and there was no doubt that selling toys was the top priority. However, the remake actually took time to flesh out the characters and establish a world of fantasy and wonder that was actually fun to watch for both kids and adults.
Generally regarded as one of the best TV shows based on a movie, Parenthood was actually not the first stab at adapting the film to the small screen. User MrBoliNica thought the reboot usurped both of its predecessors when they said, "The Parenthood show from the 2010s is much better than the original movie or the first show from the '90s."
Though it is perhaps one of TV history's biggest what-if moments, the original TV series failed to move the needle despite featuring future stars like Leonardo DiCaprio. What the remake did right was take the basic concept from the film but modernize it enough to make it appealing to all audiences. The TV series stands on its own and requires no knowledge of the movie to be enjoyed.
Though it didn't have the longevity of its predecessor, Fuller House surprised many fans with its original humor and smart continuation of the story. User AgentSteelSaturday wasn't afraid to admit a rather unpopular opinion when they commented, "I prefer Fuller House over Full House."
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Decades after the original sitcom's demise, the reboot had a lot to live up to when it came to fan expectations. The modern twist on the classic show brought older characters to life again while also bringing in new ones to give the series originality. Though a lot of the old humor was still around, Fuller House had matured much like the original audience had.
Though the original Lost in Space is considered one of the best sci-fi TV shows of all time, the reboot still managed to surpass what the original had set up. User contrarian1970 lived up to their username when they stated, "Lost in Space – the original was a dead end and the reboot actually got more interesting as it went along."
The original series was more episodic in nature and didn't tell a serialized story, but the remake added ongoing plot lines which spiced things up. Also, the remake eschewed the cheesy 1960s look of the original in favor of a sleeker and more realistic look that helped keep audiences engrossed.
When Netflix announced their reboot of One Day at a Time fans were mostly puzzled by their choice to resurrect a forgotten show, but they were soon pleasantly surprised. User clearly_not_an_alt had no doubt in their mind about which was better, writing, "One Day at a Time on Netflix was a critical darling, while the original was a pretty formulaic 70s sitcom."
Though the original had its fair share of "very special episodes," the remake did a much better job of mixing drama and comedy. The addition of legendary cast members that were more diverse helped to bring the show back to relevance, and there was no denying that the remake's writing far surpassed anything seen in the original.
Some remakes are an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of an older show, while others are a chance to do it better the second time around. Though they didn't have much to say, user thrawn-did-no-wrong knew exactly which remake was better than the original when they mentioned, "Battlestar Galactica."
The original Battlestar had its ardent fans, but because it existed in the post-Star Trekand pre-Star Warsworld of sci-fi, there wasn't much traction for it. The remake darkened the tone significantly and eliminated many of the cheesiest elements that trapped it in the '70s, and presented high drama with a sci-fi backdrop. Generally regarded as one of TV's best shows ever, it is clear that Battlestar Galactica nailed its second act.
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