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While some shows can dip in quality, others have remained remarkably consistent. Redditors have picked the TV series that were never bad.
Shenmue's recent cancelation has sparked fervent discussion among viewers regarding the medium's most consistent small-screen endeavors (via IGN). Television has produced some of media's greatest stories, allowing characters and narratives to be developed across several installments. The world's greatest television series are capable of bringing together viewers of all demographics who relate to their fun storylines. While some shows can dip in quality, others have remained remarkably consistent, with audiences continuing to enjoy their favorite characters' escapades.
These televisual masterpieces have maintained their strong standards throughout their seasons, demonstrating no significant low points during their runs. The Reddit community, in particular, have been left impressed by these TV releases, as they offer their examples of programs that were always of great quality, from start to finish.
Set during the 1940s, Agent Carter is one of the MCU's earliest small screen offerings. The series sees Peggy Carter investigating the theft of various Stark weapons, following Captain America's disappearance. Reddit's NutmegPopcorn has suggested "Agent Carter" as a perfect series.
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This thrilling spy caper from Marvel Television continues Peggy's story spectacularly, as she becomes embroiled in the political fallout of the Second World War. Hayley Atwell's spin-off delivers an emotional depiction of Peggy's life following Steve Rogers' apparent demise, with the SSR agent grieving the loss of her super-powered boyfriend.
The BBC has produced some of Britain's greatest sitcoms, and one of their finest efforts is Fawlty Towers. Focused on the madcap mishaps of hotel owner Basil Fawlty, Fawlty Towers has delivered some of TV's best episodes according to IMDb. Reddit's Gorf_The_Magnificent is a particular fan, citing "A Touch Of Class" as his favorite installment.
This lively sitcom brings some of TV's funniest moments, as the show's hapless hotel owner becomes increasingly frustrated at the building's frequent problems. John Cleese's performance as the titular character is hilarious to witness, especially when promising to give his car "a damn good thrashing," ensuring that this farcical comedy will be remembered for years to come.
Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho is one of the director's most iconic works, with the sinister motel owner Norman Bates unsettling many audiences since the film's original release. Bates Motel offers viewers a glimpse at Norman's origins, showing for the first time the events which led to his brutal murders in the 1960s classic. PsychologicalPop8776 thinks "Bates Motel" is a prime candidate for a consistent TV program.
The horror prequel series is a harrowing portrayal of Norman's early life, as the Bates family becomes involved in some especially bleak situations. The show does an excellent job at demonstrating Norman's slow descent into madness, as the deeply disturbed young man murders his mother, with Freddie Highmore giving a spectacular turn as the motel's creepy owner.
Regarded by IMDb as one of Chris Chibnall's best TV series, Broadchurch became one of ITV's biggest hits upon its debut in 2013. This wonderfully enigmatic show follows detectives Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller as they investigate a series of grisly deaths in the seaside town of Broadchurch. Reddit poster Shmoo311 is particularly enthusiastic about this gripping crime series, describing how he can "watch it over and over."
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Broadchurch's deeply mysterious nature keeps viewers guessing throughout the show's three-season run, as the series presents a long line of suspects for its grisly murders. Additionally, the show features several surprising twists, with its wildly unpredictable narrative ensuring audiences are hooked during Alec and Ellie's investigations.
First broadcast in 1993, The X-Files remains one of sci-fi's most influential TV offerings. Chris Carter's iconic series focuses on FBI agents Mulder and Scully as they explore various unexplained supernatural events. The cult classic has caught the attention of Reddit's ForceHatin, who has expressed "The X-Files!" to be one of his favorite TV programs.
With its spooky and enigmatic storylines, The X-Files has captured the imaginations of viewers during its 11-season run. Mulder and Scully's dynamic partnership has continued to engage audiences despite the show having come to an end, with many on Twitter hoping for Gillian Anderson's Scully to cross over with Doctor Who.
Steven Moffat is responsible for some of British TV's most beloved shows, and one of his greatest is Sherlock. This ingenious retelling of Arthur Conan Doyle's classic stories places Sherlock and Watson in the modern day as they work together to solve several fascinating cases. Reddit poster Dh119 cites "Sherlock (BBC)" as one of TV's most consistent endeavors.
Moffat's inspired decision to modernize the Sherlock mythos brings a fresh new spin to the world's greatest detective, with the contemporary setting allowing the show to utilize modern technology in the sleuth's inquiries. The series also boasts a great sense of humor, with Sherlock's eccentricities providing many laughs during the series.
Written by Love Actually's Richard Curtis, Mr. Bean is an especially charming British comedy, with viewers believing it's a show perfect for getting its own LEGO set. This incredibly zany show sees Rowan Atkinson's titular character engage in various crazy hijinks, and Reddit user P33Kabo0o has declared "all 15 episodes" of the family sitcom to be an exquisite piece of television.
Mr. Bean's larger-than-life personality brings much hilarity to proceedings, as his bumbling nature causes various wacky scenarios. The series' slapstick stylings represent Rowan Atkinson's physical brand of comedy at its very best, with Mr. Bean's rather accident-prone nature delighting viewers of all ages.
Coulson's immense popularity following his MCU appearances led to the creation of his own spin-off series, with audiences greatly enjoying the snarky SHIELD agent's spy adventures. Beginning in 2013, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. follows Coulson and his team of top-secret operatives, as they take on various world-ending threats. Reddit's TrekkieWithHamilaria is especially in love with the comic-book drama, commenting how it "gets better and better."
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This action-packed superhero offering is a delight to watch across its seven seasons, with SHIELD's heroic spies battling several major threats. Furthermore, the show features one of Marvel's best antagonists, as the sly and cunning Grant Ward causes numerous problems for Coulson and his crew.
Written and starring British comic Miranda Hart, Miranda is a joyously daft sitcom. The hugely popular BBC series involves the trials and tribulations of the titular joke shop owner, as she tries to win the affections of her true love, Gary. One major fan of Miranda is Reddit poster Ever-Irritated, who describes it as "criminally underrated."
Miranda provides a truly hilarious piece of television from start to finish, as she experiences various wacky scenarios, including becoming trapped on a conveyor belt at a sushi bar. Miranda Hart's fourth-wall-breaking antics are what brings the show to life, however, as she delivers several quirky asides to the camera.
Marvel Studios' recent television endeavors have created some of streaming's best programs, with the TV format allowing them to provide extra depth to the MCU's huge roster of characters. One of their biggest successes is WandaVision, which follows Wanda and Vision's suburban life in the town of Westview. Reddit user Shawn533 is especially keen on this televisual treat, enthusiastically declaring "WandaVision" to be one of TV's most consistent releases.
This truly inspired show from the mind of Fantastic Four director Matt Shakman perfectly evokes the style of U.S. sitcoms, with Wanda modeling her idyllic life in Westview on some of America's greatest sitcoms. The program also contains a deeply unsettling vibe, however, with various hints throughout the series suggesting things are not how they seem.
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