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We love a nice, hot breakfast…when someone else is cooking it and serving it to us in bed, that is. Most weekday mornings, however, we’d rather hit snooze a few more times, which is why we compiled a list of the tastiest and quickest cold breakfast ideas we could find. Read on and you’ll surely find a low-maintenance recipe that’s to your liking, whether it’s a healthy cup of chia pudding or a decadent slab of pound cake you can enjoy on the go (suddenly, that Monday morning traffic jam doesn’t seem so awful, does it?).
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In case you missed it, parfait is the French word for perfect…and let’s just say this simple but satisfying combo of fresh fruit, yogurt and granola lives up to its name.
Tired of spending a fortune on fancy store-bought granola? Good news: There’s a DIY for that.
Because some mornings you deserve to get your caffeine fix in cake form.
Other mornings, a regular cup of joe with a slab of moist olive oil pound cake on the side will suffice.
Here, another homemade granola recipe that hits the spot and boasts an impressive nutritional profile, to boot.
Packed with leafy greens and healthy fats, and lightly sweetened with a combination of honey, coconut water and tart Granny Smith apples—this smoothie is a well-balanced and palate-pleasing way to start the day.
Add creamy, dreamy smoothie to the growing list of things you can do with cauliflower.
Freeze your favorite breakfast ingredients—fresh fruit, granola, Greek yogurt—for a cold treat you can eat on the go. (Did we mention this treat’s great to eat on a scorching summer morning?)
Here, peanut butter and banana get wrapped in a crepe and drizzled with dark chocolate. Make the crepes the night before (or buy premade ones from the grocery store) and keep them in the fridge for a guilt-free breakfast that looks and tastes like dessert.
What’s there to say? It’s hard to go wrong with a morning smoothie that features the classic strawberry and banana flavor combo.
Presenting a grab-and-go breakfast cookie that will please your inner child (or your real-life kids) without sacrificing your grown-up healthy eating goals.
Peanut butter, coconut oil and mixed berries combine to make a smoothie that’s so creamy and decadent it deserves to be savored with a spoon.
You’d be hard-pressed to find a kid who could resist this level of cuteness. (Thankfully, it doesn’t require serious artistic skills on your part, either.)
Applesauce is used to cut the sugar content in these healthy and satisfyingly sweet peanut butter and banana muffins.
These homemade granola bars are considerably healthier than the sugar-loaded store-bought kind and can be customized with any combination of your favorite mix-ins.
You’ll want to make a big batch—this crunchy maple, peanut butter and pecan granola is downright addictive.
Running late? You can still whip up a quick, homemade breakfast. Put down that box of sugary cereal and opt for some healthy homemade muesli that you can whip up in ten minutes flat.
Test your star baker abilities with a sinfully delicious Danish recipe you can bake in advance and enjoy for many mornings to come.
Cream cheese in the middle and streusel on top? Yep, this is yet another Danish we can get down with.
The lunchtime staple gets a breakfast makeover for busy mornings, and we’re not mad about it. We like that they’re naturally sweetened and are gluten-free, so we can feel semi-virtuous about seconds (and thirds).
These doughnuts are exceedingly easy to make, thanks to premade biscuit dough. Fry up and frost a batch to keep in the fridge for mornings when you want to indulge.
Ginger and orange zest make palate-pleasing magic in this healthy and oh-so fancy chia pudding, courtesy of Coterie member Gena Hamshaw.
With five minutes of evening prep and a full eight hours of shut-eye, you can wake up to chocolate for breakfast.
For when you want a mouthful of seasoned cream cheese without a carb-loaded bagel. Try dipping carrot sticks or celery in it.
Peanut butter and maca give these overnight oats a rich, nutty flavor; the raw chocolate is there ‘cause you deserve it.
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