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Published October 19, 2022, 1:30 PM
by Jane Kingsu-Cheng
Going through the pandemic has made many realize that health should be prioritized. And this is an investment that will benefit us for a lifetime. More and more companies are also joining in the pursuit of living a healthier life—by providing supplements to strengthen us so we could live our best lives. Here are some of them.

Though the brand arrived in the country in 2018, it’s only this year that they set up a proper office and store in the Philippines. “This new space is not only a store, but a space that would bring Yoli closer to Filipinos. In the US, we have tremendous support from Filipino members who have been successfully transformed by Yoli and were instrumental on why we now have Yoli in the Philippines. That is why more than anything, this new office is also our way of showing our commitment to grow this market,” says Yoli Founder and Chief Executive Officer Robby Fender.
Two new supplements are set to arrive and are a must-try: Truth Pomegranate health drink that assists in immune function and maintains healthy antioxidant levels, and one of their bestselling Collagen supplements.

Nu Skin
Who doesn’t wish for healthy skin via collagen and elastin production? The latest drink from Nu Skin has Bioactive Collagen Peptides that aids in the production of collagen. Human clinical tests have proven that this has improved skin elasticity and reduced wrinkles as well. Inner Focus Collagen Plus also has lutien that is derived from marigold flowers. This ingredient helps make the skin radiant and can even protect the skin from oxidative stress such as blue light. It also has phytoceramides that can help keep skin hydrated.
Inner Focus Collagen comes in sachets. One pack of powder formula can be mixed in either hot or cold drinks. It doesn’t come with artificial colors, flavors, or even sweeteners. The only catch? It will be available in the first quarter of 2023.

Though we’ve all heard the saying that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” most still skip having it. Reasons include not being accessible, taking too long to make, or having them makes one gain weight. This is why Herbalife introduced their Breakfast Trio which includes nutritional milk shake, herbal aloe concentrate, and herbal concentrate. These three, when combined, give you no excuse to not have your breakfast.

There are days when we need that extra boost of supplements to protect us from getting sick. A brand that was established in 1934, Redoxon is finally here in the country to keep us healthy. Best taken in the morning as part of your breakfast meal, its triple action defense consisting of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and zinc help us worry less as we go about our busy days.

With their tagline “Be a healthier you,” Kyäni launched their Nitro Nutrition plan to help rest your body. It consists of 21 days that work on removing inflammatory foods, replacing one’s food intake with cleaner options. This transition is supplemented with Kyäni products that aid in improving one’s metabolism. HL5 has grass-fed whey and hydrolyzed collagen proteins, providing digestive support.

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