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With October 31st just around the corner, horror fans looking for something spooky to binge-watch should check out these series.
Season 2 of American Horror Stories was released at just the right time, and fans are enjoying the anthology episodes that each focus on a different fear-inducing situation. While Halloween might be only one creepy and fun day, the months of September and October are always perfect for horror movies and TV shows to get into the mood.
Even if someone doesn't plan on donning a costume and going to a party or handing out candy to enthusiastic and hopeful trick-or-treaters, binge-watching a scary series is a great way to celebrate. There are many TV shows with just enough scares to interest fans of the horror genre this fall, from an exciting new release to some older ones.
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Harper's Island is a forgotten horror TV show as it aired for one season in 2009, but it works for the Halloween season as it's a wise, surprising slasher. Abby Mills (Elaine Cassidy) goes home for her good pal Henry Dunn's (Christopher Gorham) wedding to Trish Wellington (Katie Cassidy). This is a tough visit for Abby as John Wakefield murdered Abby's mom decades before.
Harper's Island has some of the best plot twists on TV shows and by the time that fans get to the end of the 13-episode season, it will feel like a fascinating and terrifying journey that was definitely worth it. Since the island feels quaint yet isolated, the series is incredibly scary and a good one to watch before Halloween arrives.
Netflix cancelled Archive 81 after one season, which is sad news for fans who loved the story of Dan Turner, a brilliant and creative archivist who is hired for a strange project that becomes more terrifying as he gets deeper into it. The show gets major points for a creepy setting as Dan has to spend all of his time in a country home where he is completely isolated. As Dan restores tapes filmed at the Visser, he sees something that he wasn't expecting to, which sets him on a scary and unanticipated journey.
Archive 81 deserves a second season as the characters are layered and the mystery is intelligent. It's also a great show to watch during the Halloween season as Dan is truly freaked out by what's happening to him.
While there's a debate over which of Mike Flanagan's TV shows are better, The Haunting of Bly Manor does work well around Halloween. The tone is eerie and much of the series is literally dark, as the main character Dani Clayton (Victoria Pedretti) begins working as a governess at an old mansion and spends a lot of time wondering why the place is so scary at night. Dani goes on a journey, falling in love with Jamie Taylor (Amelia Eve), the gardener on the premises, and thinking about her past.
Bly Manor is the scariest series because there aren't tons of jump scares, but it will still provide an effectively creepy binge-watch when the weather is chilly and the wait for Halloween is tough.
Just Beyond will be fun for fans of Goosebumps as the series is also based on R.L. Stine's spooky stories. It also has so many elements that lend themselves flawlessly to an October binge-watch. The episodes in this horror anthology series feature a monster haunting a house, a boarding school with sinister desires, a nice witch who wants to fit in, and a haunted theater.
Some Goosebumps episodes are scary and while Just Beyond's 8 episodes are aimed at a pre-teen or high school audience, there are definitely some unnerving moments. Episode four called "My Monster" features a villain who looks as horrifying as many from slasher movies and who makes for a very unsettling storyline. Olivia (Megan Stott) learns some family secrets as she keeps encountering this monster and it's a stand-out episode in a really good season.
Mike Flanagan's new Netflix series The Midnight Club is being released on the streaming platform in early October 2022, which is perfect timing. The Midnight Club poster and trailer are suitably creepy and set up what is sure to be an incredible show with Flanagan's knack for crafting excellent characters who are fascinating to watch.
Fans know that The Midnight Club is about teenagers who are living in hospice and who begin telling spooky stories only to discover that there might be more truth to them than they thought. The cast includes some actors who have been in Flanagan's other projects, such as Zach Gilford, Samantha Sloyan, and Rahul Kohli. The show will definitely be one that horror fans are thrilled to watch in one or two sittings.
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