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You know those people who cringe at the sight of an olive? We’re definitely not those people. In fact, we find olives quite addicting when presented to us on a cheese platter or served as a bar snack. Still, we have on occasion found a jar of ‘em languishing in our fridge for a long time because, well, we’re not always sure what to do with them. If you’re in the same boat, you’ll be pleased to know that we scoured the internet for the best and most innovative olive recipes around. Read on and prepare to be inspired (and maybe unexpectedly hungry).
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Tender and juicy swordfish steaks are drizzled with vinaigrette and topped with crushed olives for a foolproof meal that looks oh-so fancy.
Finally, a chicken thigh recipe that delivers the crispy skin we crave. (The pancetta and olives are just icing on the cake.)
This chicken dish is bursting with Mediterranean flavor and comes together in just one pot. File under ‘dreamy weeknight dinner.’

Because cauliflower is tastier when paired with pickled veggies in a colorful salad than when passed off as a pizza crust.
Here, prunes, olives, capers and copious amounts of garlic make a swoon-worthy marinade for chicken.
This jalapeño-spiked olive tapenade is a baguette’s best friend—though, to be honest, we’d eat it with a spoon.
Serve it with seafood for dinner, enjoy it solo at lunchtime, or bring it to a potluck to impress your friends; there are just so many ways to enjoy this classy pasta salad from Coterie member Phoebe Lapine.
These marinated olives, courtesy of Coterie member Heidi Larsen, are a welcome addition to charcuterie and cheese platters and a tasty anytime snack, to boot.
An exciting new take on the classic comfort food, this veggie-packed and Mediterranean-inspired mac deserves to be part of your regular rotation.
This protein-rich chicken bowl is creamy, flavorful and tasty all by its lonesome, but pop some pita in the air fryer or microwave and you’ve got a next level meal in your future.
For folks who have taken up sourdough as a hobby, this roasted garlic and kalamata olive bread is a must-try. (Breadmaking novices might want to keep scrolling.)
Tzatziki dressing, chicken and veggies combine to make a filling low carb meal that’s pretty enough to serve at a party.
Perfectly seasoned and deliciously juicy meatballs that our keto friends can enjoy in a salad bowl (and the rest of us can serve atop a heaping pile of spaghetti or rice).
This combo of creamy chickpeas, tender artichoke hearts and salty kalamata olives is guaranteed to up your kale salad game.
Lean, mean and loaded with Mediterranean flavor—these chicken sausage patties put the store-bought competition to shame.
As the name suggests, this appetizer boasts layers of goodness (think: hummus, Greek yogurt, veggies, olives and feta). Serve it up at a party and it will be the star of the spread.
This sheet pan pizza is a cinch to make and tastes, well, as good as it feels to only have one dish to wash.
Ditch the kabobs and get your souvlaki fix with a side of greens instead. Bonus: If you plan ahead and marinate the chicken in advance, you’ll be rewarded with a healthy and oh-so satisfying 30-minute lunch.
A one-pan chicken-and-orzo dinner featuring spicy, smoky harissa and buttery Castelvetrano olives. Count us in.
Tired of poultry? Opt for chicken of the sea at lunchtime instead with an easy and kid-friendly tuna wrap that’s chock full of Greek flavor.
The always colorful and veggie-packed Greek salad gets a welcome protein boost from chicken in this heartier take on a classic.
Why have taco night and pizza night when you can kill two birds with one stone?
Three cheers for a fresh, light and crave-worthy pasta salad that comes together with nothing more than a handful of pantry and refrigerator staples.
Here, the classic niçoise salad gets an update with shredded chicken in place of tuna and egg noodles for a carb fix. Just try to complain.
Sweet and buttery Castelvetrano olives commingle with rosemary, cumin, fennel seed and almonds to make a warm appetizer that tastes as sexy as it sounds.
If you want your kids to eat some lettuce once in a blue moon, just score a bag of Doritos and serve the main event in salad form on Taco Tuesday.
Tomatoes, olives and red wine are sautéed to make an elegant sauce for ahi tuna. Suffice it to say, the end result is begging to be the star of a romantic dinner at home.
Creamy baked eggs, bitter greens and meaty Castelvetrano olives are what brunch dreams are made of.
Chicken enchiladas get a salty (and budget-friendly) boost from canned black olives in this family favorite.
Cauliflower decided to settle for casserole status instead of subpar pizza crust that requires way too much effort to make. Needless to say, we’re all for it.
This broccoli pesto is the best—and possibly the only—way to get a picky toddler to eat a green vegetable. Blend some up and give yourself a pat on the back, ‘cause this parenting victory is one for the books.
Gherkin pickles and olives breathe new life into the tried-and-true tuna salad recipe—you know, so your brown bag lunch can be a little more exciting.
You don’t *have* to eat these by the campfire, but doesn’t that make it so much more fun?
Another chicken Marbella update that combines tangy, herby flavor with ‘80s nostalgia to great effect.
It turns out that salty, tangy olive tapenade is the perfect companion to plump and sweet summer tomatoes. (Sorry, burrata.)
Fresh mint, sweet blood orange and (you guessed it) olives sing in this healthy and eye-pleasing Moroccan-inspired salad.
Smoky paprika and Manzanilla olives are the secret to turning a standard tomato and lentil soup into a five-star recipe.
Skip the greasy slice and customize this sandwich with all your favorite toppings instead for a fun-to-eat twist on homemade pizza.
This easy Instant Pot recipe features perfectly cooked shrimp swimming in a flavorful tomato broth with olives, feta and herbs. Best of all, it requires nothing more than roughly twenty minutes of your time (and some toasty bread for dipping, of course).
Cream cheese, olives and crackers come together to make one seriously cute afternoon snack for the under ten set.
Presenting the pinnacle of Mediterranean diet deliciousness in a single pan.
We’ve hinted at this already, but let’s be clear: When crafting a perfect charcuterie board, olives are a must.
This crowd-pleasing quinoa salad is loaded with veggies and boasts a beautifully balanced lemon herb dressing that tastes great on pretty much everything.
Attention gluten-free friends: This wild rice dish does double duty as a flavorful side and a filling, vegetarian main course.
Traditional salsa gets a run for its money with this recipe, which creates snacktime magic with little more than a pinch of oregano, a hint of sweet cherry tomato and a trio of gourmet Spanish olives.
Melty white beans are the plant-based protein in this healthy, vegan pasta dish, which gets an extra flavor boost from peppery arugula, sweet tomato and (wait for it) olives.
Feta cheese and olives lend a pleasantly tangy, salty bite to the tender shrimp in this mouthwatering Mediterranean dish that you can prep and plate in 15 minutes flat. (Yes, you read that right.)
Holiday movie nights are so much more festive when your pizza looks like Frosty the Snowman and tastes like bacon and olives.
A low-carb muffin sounds implausible—and to be fair, this isn’t really a muffin. It’s more of a souffle of fluffy eggs with olives, breakfast sausage and cheese…but with an ingredient list like that, who really cares about nomenclature?
Puttanesca: a boldly-flavored pasta dish that never disappoints when you’re hungry late night and working with pantry staples.
Farro, one of our favorite hearty grains, gets dressed up with leafy greens, sun-dried tomatoes and kalamata olives in this winning salad. Feel free to experiment with the mix-ins and be sure to pack it for lunch.
This combo of warm, creamy burrata and garlicky roasted olives has us weak in the knees. Plus, we had no idea olives could be roasted, so this one is pretty neat.
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