7 Junkyu TREASURE Casual OOTD After Wearing Striking Airport Fashion

Junkyu Managed To Become A Topic After Appearing Different Because He Stood Out As If He Failed TREASURE’s Airport Swag Fashion. On The Other Hand, He Is Known To Be Fashionable With His Flagship Casual Style.

On December 26, TREASURE was seen at Incheon International Airport, South Korea to fly to Japan. The group fronted by Choi Hyun Suk compactly wears a winter dress code that fits YG Entertainment ‘s vibes . However, Junkyu appeared different as if to thwart the fierce style of the TREASURE members.

The owner’s full name Kim Jun Kyu looks striking by wearing a hoodie . Moreover, Junkyu also brought a black puffer jacket tied around his waist. The idol was the only one who appeared kiyowo among the other TREASURE members. The reason is, other TREASURE members wear a neutral color dress code .

Meanwhile, Junkyu is known as an idol who likes to wear casual but still fashionable clothes. Junkyu’s stylish clothing style is even suitable as inspiration for female and male fans because it seems simple. Let’s take a peek at the following series of casual Junkyu -style OOTDs.

1. Charming With Knit Sweater
The “My Treasure” singer showed a charming charm when he guested on episode 552 of ” Weekly Idol “. Junkyu combined a white shirt with a green knit sweater combined with gray. His appearance is more fashionable because it is combined with bright blue ripped jeans .

2. Wear A Beret Hat
Junkyu apparently wore airport fashion in the style of a mamba guy when he was going to fly to Japan to attend the 2022 Asia Artist Awards (AAA). The idol wore a white t-shirt, black sweater , and unique jeans . The beret hat worn by Junkyu was called a success in the spotlight.

3. Mainstay Hoodies
Hoodie seems to be Junkyu’s mainstay outfit . Judging by a number of the idol’s posts, Junkyu was caught wearing 3 different hoodies on various occasions. The artist born in 2000 usually combines this hoodie with jeans .

4. Tub Denim Lover
This 22 year old celebrity can be said to be a denim lover . This is because Junkyu has been seen wearing a denim table jacket several times on various occasions. He once wore the denim jacket as an outer , while on another occasion it was worn as a regular shirt.

5. College Student Style
Meanwhile, Junkyu wore OOTD in the style of a university student when he appeared in episode 479 of “Weekly Idol”. The singer of the song “Jikjin” wore a white shirt and striped shirt as an outer and simple ripped jeans . College vibes , right?

6. Unique Mix And Match
Junkyu also showed his fashionable charm again . He appeared eccentric because he wore lots of pearl necklaces. Junkyu also remains fashionable even though he wears a unique white jacket with blue fur accents on his chest area and pink shoes .

7. Semi-Formal
Not only casual, Junkyu was also perfect when wearing a full white dress. This handsome idol combines white pants, a monochrome top, and a long coat of the same color. Junkyu clothing is suitable for attending semi-formal events, let’s say going to an invitation.

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