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There are times when we are all tuckered out and good food looks like a good option to lift us up. Instead of grabbing that pack of chocolate or gulping down cups of coffee, why not energise ourselves with some healthy nuts?! A handful of nuts can offer much-needed energy to our body through its high content of healthy fats and proteins. We already how nuts are good for overall health but some of us ignore them completely. If you too find having just nuts a tad bit boring, why not make some interesting meals with them?  

Here are some foods made with lots of nuts that will instantly lift you up and get you going. 

Here’re 7 Nuts-Based Recipes For Quick Rejuvenation 

1. Dates And Nuts Ladoo 

Yes, it is ladoo and no, it’s not unhealthy. This sugar-free ladoo is all about goodness coming from sweet dates and lots of nuts. You can make these in bulk and store them in an air-tight jar for everyday snacking. Click here for the recipe

2. Atta Walnut Cookies 

Looking for a healthy accompaniment for your morning or evening tea? Look no further. These atta-based cookies are loaded with healthful walnuts, and taste great. Click here for the recipe

walnut cookies

3. Banana Walnut Lassi 

If you just want a light, refreshing drink to rejuvenate and curb your hunger, this lassi will do the job just fine. Both banana and walnuts are extremely satiating, and not to forget, quite energising too. Click here for the recipe of this delicious lassi. 

4. Nutty Chocolate Ladoo 

If your mind is still wandering off to some chocolatey goodies, stop yourself and make this chocolate ladoo filled with nuts. Get taste and health, both, in this yummy sweet snack. Click here for the recipe

5. Trail Mix 

This is one of the healthiest snacking options out there. An eclectic mix of nuts, seeds, dry fruits and muesli – a trail mix is both energising and satiating; and delicious too. This is a great munching meal after a tiring day. Here’s how to make it

6. Avocado And Mixed Nuts Thandai 

Thandai is one of the most refreshing drinks, and we are sure you’ll agree. Make this unique thandai with different kinds of nuts combined with the piquant flavour of avocados. Click here for the recipe

7. Nuts Barfi 

Almonds, pistachios and cashew nuts come together to make this unusual barfi which also tastes great. Chomp away on this Indian-style mithai for a joyous eating. Click here for the recipe


According to health experts, nuts should be an integral part of our everyday diet, and these recipes are the perfect way to do that.  


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