8 K-Pop Idols Who Often Post Boyfriend Material Photos, very handsome and charming make all women fascinated

The boyfriend material pose among K-pop idols is a fan favorite. It’s not only their voice that attracts attention, their visuals and style are also eyed by their fans.

Boyfriend material itself is a term for those who often act like a girlfriend. Who do you think, K-pop idols, often post boyfriend material photos? Come on, just look at the following!

1. SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu
This K-pop idol is very good at posing like a girlfriend. Through his Instagram account, he often uploads photos like people who are on a date. Mingyu, who has brown skin, is often referred to as having an Indonesian vibe.

2. SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan
Jeonghan, who looks beautiful with short or long hair, often catches the attention of his fans. Jeonghan’s candid poses on his Instagram make him look very boyfriend material.

DK is one of the SEVENTEEN members who is often referred to as boyfriend material. DK who likes photography looks very skilled at choosing poses like a boyfriend.

.Coups is another SEVENTEEN member who often shares boyfriend material photos. The SEVENTEEN leader looks very skilled at showing a boyfriend-like pose. Not only that, his fans often say that S.Coups has an alpha male aura that makes him look even more charismatic.

5. Jaehyun NCT
Jaehyun NCT is also included in the boyfriend material criteria. His handsome, big body, and tall visuals make his fans love him. Through his Instagram, apart from uploading random photos, he also shares boyfriend material photos for his fans.

6. NCT’s Doyoung
Doyoung is one of the K-pop idols who is very good at posing like Namchin. Doyoung’s natural pose is the key to why fans call him idol boyfriend material. Fans will find several photos that seem to be invited to eat or take a walk together.

7. Jinjin ASTRO
Just like a boyfriend who goes to work, you will find some candid photos of ASTRO’s Jinjin. This ASTRO leader often shares photos like ‘a person being photographed by a girlfriend’. Some of his holiday posts also give the ‘vacation with girlfriend’ vibe.

8. Rowoon SF9
Oppa this one will often update you with mirror selfie photos. Or if you want to find boyfriend material vibes as office guys, Rowoon is one of them. Rowoon’s looks are very sweet but also charismatic and at the same time support this idol to be included in the boyfriend material line.

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