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Though She-Hulk had some divisive episodes, including the finale, some responded better with audiences for Jennifer’s origin story and legal aspects.
She-Hulk concluded its nine-episode-long series last Wednesday, leaving fans wondering where Jennifer Walter's future with the MCU lies now. Furthermore, there have been no words about a season 2 confirmation, as the show's star, Tatiana Maslany, shared that she has no idea where the show would go.
Despite the divisive criticism, the Disney+ show introduced a strong new character into the MCU, allowing her to feel comfortable in her persona as She-Hulk without losing a sense of her outgoing nature and breaking the fourth wall humor. With episodes like "Just Jen" not doing the series justice to outstanding episodes like "Ribbit and Rip It" really developing Jennifer as a character in a different light, this show clearly had its ups and downs.
Out of all the episodes in She-Hulk, the wedding episode seemed the most filler to critics and fans alike. While it was a nice background for Jennifer in her most buoyant phase as She-Hulk, this episode received poor responses for its disconnected plot, random fight scene, and strange villain.
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While fans might have found it amusing that Titania appeared to one-up Jennifer in this episode, her entrance was not explained and was unwarranted. Plus, it deviated from the main problem at hand, which was Intelligencia, and its clear intent was nothing more than a filler episode that didn't see Jen in legal action.
What could be considered another filler episode was the "Mean, Green, and Straight Poured into These Jeans" episode, where Jen shows up in court. With help from a colleague, Jen fights the copyright infringement lawsuit for the catchphrase "She-Hulk" after being served in the previous episode.
With all respect to the She-Hulk show as a whole, this episode felt most like a legal drama, showing a step-by-step trial of the prosecution initiated. Unfortunately, this episode lacked a consistent plot and comical moments, as it poked at Jen's dating history. However, it set the motion for Jen's super suit, which became a funny joke in She-Hulk, and was a build-up to a subsequent episode as it introduced designer Luke Jacobson.
Probably, one of the funnier episodes was "The Retreat" when Jennifer's car was stuck at Emil Blonsky's house, and she was forced to spend a few phone-free hours at his humble abode. Not only did the sequences show the struggles of waiting for a phone call from a date, which made Jen relatable, but it referenced the issue regarding scrolling and glancing over at the phone of the technological age.
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One of the more positive feedback with this episode is that it gave more of a perspective of Jennifer's struggles with her new image as She-Hulk, and the retreat allowed her to feel more comfortable under her own skin. However, this episode lacked substance since it didn't contribute to the overall issue regarding the conflict with Intelligencia. While it did start to set up the series' "big bad" by revealing more of Intelligencia's schemes, it did not address that issue at length, leaving fans with yet another cliffhanger that could have been avoided.
One of the episodes that truly established She-Hulk as a good lawyer within the context of the MCU was "The People vs Emil Blonsky." This episode showcased two characters and how indifference can ultimately lead to a mutual agreement and understanding.
As another court-based episode, it also lacked much substance to its overarching plot. While it is known to fans now that the show's "big bad" was Intelligencia, this was not made apparent early on. The episode had enough dialogue to move the plot along and highlighted Jen's profession as an attorney, but the episode was drawn out in the show's grand scheme.
She-Hulk's finale had everyone's head spinning, but viewers' impressions were divided. The finale was thrilling, as it showed Jen smashing the Disney+ service and taking a whole meta route in addressing the MCU and ways to conclude She-Hulk's story.
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While some described it as the closest episode that captured She-Hulk's spirits from the comics, others were frustrated with the rushed and trivial conclusion where it felt meaningless. It is no surprise that Marvel took great risks in creating this final episode, even going so far as to openly acknowledge that the ending was not a stereotypical Marvel ending.
There couldn't be a better TV series to explore a woman's dating and love lives than She-Hulk. In this episode, Jennifer attempts to bridge the gap between her two lives, while also trying to have her personal life in the process. This episode was the perfect balance between She-Hulk and Jennifer Walters, and it did a great job of juxtaposing those two characters.
As another courtroom-focused episode, not only was this an incredibly relatable narrative that addressed themes about struggling with dating life, but it demonstrated Jennifer Walters' capabilities as an attorney while defending her client. The dynamic between Wong and Madisynn unexpectedly delighted many viewers who loved their playful friendship, and the latter became a new likable character in She-Hulk.
Needless to say, episode 2 truly establishes Jennifer as a capable lawyer. The funny circumstances of her hiring at GLK/H were that she must be in She-Hulk form when defending and receiving statements from clients unless told otherwise. This predicament starts the endless cycle of She-Hulk attempting to grapple with her new reality.
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This episode was more memorable because it sheds light on who Jennifer Walter's character could become and what she has to do to be totally at peace with both of her personas. It pushed this episode into a higher ranking since it emphasizes Jen's personal journey and two juxtaposing personalities that the audience would follow and see how she resolves this inner conflict.
The pilot episode really helped set in motion of She-Hulk's origin story, with a flashback to how Jennifer got her powers in the first place. Not only does it establish She-Hulk as a character, but it also discusses the everyday problems and challenges that women confront.
A unique aspect of this episode was that it managed to tie Bruce Banner into Jennifer's life by depicting him as a mentor rather than a cousin. With this relationship established, Jennifer can defy his rules and establish herself as a singular entity that cannot be defined by Hulk's limitations. This introduction was truly unique as it showcased the difference between She-Hulk and the Hulk from the beginning.
"Ribbit and Rip It" was a highly anticipated episode for most fans and delivered in the most satisfying way. This episode comes very well-timed as the series chose to reintroduce Daredevil into the MCU near the series' end, giving Jennifer the chance to shine as her own character before he made his appearance.
What pushed this episode over the top was Jen's dynamic working with Daredevil as a superhero and working against him in court. This contradiction added another element of dimension to the episode, which proved extremely enjoyable to watch. Not only that, but fans witnessed Daredevil in a more playful light, as contrasted with his portrayal in Netflix's Daredevil series. It was a refreshing change of pace and personality to the character, who had one of the best cameos in She-Hulk and was a fitting addition to the legal premise.
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