Already Love, Lee Je Hoon Will Be Super Annoyed If Not Invited To Play ‘Taxi Driver 2’

Ahead Of The Broadcast Of ‘Taxi Driver 2’, Lee Je Hoon Talked About Various Interesting Things About His Participation In This Drama. Check Out The Full Statement Below.

Lee Je Hoon will soon be making a comeback to the small screen through the SBS drama ” Taxi Driver 2 “. As the main character in the first season, he admitted that he was very grateful to be able to star in this drama again. The funny thing is, Lee Je Hoon admitted that he would be very annoyed if he wasn’t invited by the production team to star in season 2.

Frankly, I would be really annoyed if they didn’t ask me to reprise the character.”

He added, “It’s an honor to appear again in ‘Taxi Driver’ and I’m grateful that they gave me the role again. I’ve been trying hard to show a better performance than in the first season.”

Lee Je Hoon then shared his closeness with his fellow “Taxi Driver” cast. Even though the first season ended in 2021, the cast’s relationship is still very good until now.

He explained, “We opened a chat room at the beginning of season 1, and we still talk there now. I feel now that they are my family.”

“So I’m the happiest, laugh the most and have the most ‘healing’ time when I shoot with the Rainbow Taxi team. They are people I can rely on and be grateful for,” concluded the 1984-born actor.

Meanwhile, “Taxi Driver” is a revenge drama centered around a mysterious taxi company called Rainbow Taxi. The company offers a special “revenge call” service and they will do their best to help their clients.

The first season of this drama received immense popularity due to its fun plot. Even the highest ratings are around 15 percent, an impressive figure for a public TV like SBS.

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