Bali Auto Trending After Song Joong Ki Confirmed Dating

The Island Of Bali Became A Trending Topic On Twitter After Song Joong Ki Confirmed His Love Affair. Check Out The Relationship Between The Two In The Following WowKeren News.

The island of Bali became a trending topic on Twitter after Song Joong Ki was confirmed to be dating . A number of fans suspected that the woman who traveled with Song Joong Ki in Bali was his girlfriend.

Previously, social media was horrified by a number of portraits of Song Joong Ki walking with white women on the island of Bali. Not only once, this woman was even seen accompanying Song Joong Ki on various occasions.

Unfortunately fans can’t see his face clearly, because he always wears a mask or sunglasses. After the photo went viral, many said that the woman was Song Joong Ki’s foreign language teacher.

As a result, the island of Bali was mentioned a lot on Twitter until it became a trending topic on Monday (26/12) morning. Many have brought up the portrait of Song Joong Ki and the woman with various comments like the following:

” Reborn Rich is finished, immediately confirmed. Maybe because when we were caught in Bali, so that it didn’t have an impact on the drama, the staff said, ” said a fan. ” Wow, it’s really not covered up, kkkk. It’s no wonder Bali looks dirty, ” added another fan.

” After leaving Bali, the media always found out. In the past, it was like that, after reports from Bali, rumors were getting louder, but they were denied. Now it’s like that, but the difference between satset and satset was immediately confirmed, ” said another fan. ” Bali, I’m in love. Which one is bothering Indo residents again wkwkw, ” added other fans and many more.

Meanwhile, this is the first time Song Joong Ki has confirmed his relationship after divorcing Song Hye Kyo three years ago. Even though it was rumored to be dating several actresses, Song Joong Ki never confirmed the news.

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