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One pot is all you need for this stew!
One of the heartiest winter dinners we’ve come across is Ree Drummond’s homemade chicken and noodles. Meltingly tender chicken and egg noodles, cooked together in a homemade chicken broth—it’s the kind of one-pot meal that warms you throughout. With this beef and noodles recipe, we’ve taken the same idea but made it even more savory (and a little bit easier!). If you love a beef stew and tender noodles, this recipe is for you!
What is beef stew meat?
It’s not uncommon to find a package of cubed beef in the supermarket labeled “beef stew meat.” But if you can’t, don’t worry! The cuts of beef that stew meat comes from are usually labeled “chuck roast,” “top,” or “bottom round.” Any of these cuts of beef can be purchased and cut into 1-inch pieces for this beef and noodles recipe.
How do you thicken beef and noodles?
There are two important steps that give beef and noodles its satisfying thickness. First, the beef is coated in a mixture of flour, salt and pepper. Once the beef is seared in olive oil and butter, the flour toasts, giving the broth body and flavor. Second, once the meat has braised to perfection, the egg noodles are cooked directly in the broth. Their starches release straight into the stew, thickening the stew. We love to use thick-cut, frozen egg noodles for this dish—they have a chewy texture and firm bite. Reames is a great brand found in the freezer section of most supermarkets. If you can’t find them, feel free to substitute dried egg noodles, but adjust the final simmering time in Step 4 to match the directions on the package of dried egg noodles.
seasoned salt, divided
ground black pepper, divided
beef stew meat (or chuck roast), cut into 1″ pieces
olive oil
yellow onion, chopped
sliced mushrooms
garlic cloves, chopped
beef stock 
Worcestershire sauce
sprigs of thyme
12-oz. bag frozen egg noodles, such as Reames brand
Sour cream and chopped parsley, for serving (optional)


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