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The 1990s saw an influx of classic TV comedies that either perfected the old sitcom format or advanced the genre altogether. These are the best.
Families all over the world used to tune into their favorite shows on a weekly basis before binge-watching with streaming became common practice. Weeknight television comforted and entertained people coming home from work and school. Everyone has their own nightly ritual to unwind after a long day, but television dramas are a staple in many households.
Audiences in the 1990s saw some of the funniest and most relatable comedians to date. These shows addressed the daily problems, both large and small, that plagued everyday Americans. Modern movie stars like Jennifer Aniston, Will Smith, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus all got their start in 90s TV. The era advanced television and comedy, and many shows from this time period are still commonly re-watched today. Here are the best comedy TV shows from the 1990s to make you smile.
This show barely makes the list as its first season debuted in 1999. Will and Grace centers around the relationship between Will, an up-tight and gay lawyer, and Grace, a freewheeling interior designer. The two became best friends in college, and they continue to stand by each other despite their disagreements. Fans of the series love the fun interplay between the two opposite characters as well as the supporting Will and Grace cast of quirky but lovable personalities.
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Frasier Crane has a lot more luck solving other people's problems than his own. The titular Frasier is a therapist who starts his own radio talk show in Seattle to get a fresh start. Although his advice helps listeners from all walks of life, Frasier has a hard time managing his own aging father, best friend, and love life. He seems to face opposition from all sides as he struggles to live his ideals. Every episode brings on a new hilarious interpersonal struggle that even teaches the master something new. Paramount+ is reviving Frasier, but it seems like only Kelsey Grammar is returning as a regular.
Fran hits rock bottom after her boyfriend dumps her and boss fires her. While selling cosmetics in a rich neighborhood, Fran is mistaken for a Nanny applicant, and she is hired to watch over a Broadway Producer's three children. The Nanny episodes are filled with romantic tension and ironic humor. Fran's desperation to keep up her facade juxtaposed with her sincere love for the children win audiences over every episode.
This coming-of-age story has something for the whole family to enjoy. Boy Meets World follows Cory Matthews as he navigates the struggles of elementary, middle and high school. Cory and his friends learn valuable life lessons from their favorite teacher, Mr. Feeny. The show provides many types of relationships that are sure to melt audience's hearts: friends, rivals, mentors, and lovers. The show was so successful that years later Disney made spin-off about Cory's daughter, Girl Meets World.
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Today his fans love Will Smith for his action adventures like I am Legend and soul-searching dramas like King Richard. But the iconic actor started out in a much more relatable role in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In this series, takes inspiration from his own life to play a street smart but poor teen that moves in with his wealthy relatives. As cultures clash, audiences can enjoy both the hilarious performances and the commentary on society. Other cast members like Joseph Marcell, Alfonso Ribeiro, and James Avery prove to make audiences laugh just as hard as Smith.
The Simpsons episodes span across the entire 90s decade and beyond. The series is the longest-running American sitcom, and is still releasing new episodes with no end in sight. The Simpsons family consist of two loving parents and their two children. Each character has their unique and extreme quirks that make the family struggle to function. Despite being an animated series, the show contains more than enough adult humor for adults' enjoyment. The town brimming with cynical and surprisingly relatable characters offers seemingly endless hours of entertainment.
As one of the most relatable stories on this list, it is no surprise that Friends remains a household name today. The simple premise follows six friends as they each chase their dreams in New York City. With the character's wide range of personalities, all viewers can find a piece of themselves represented on screen. The show generates more than just laughter as it tackles other serious themes like love and loss.
This sensational show dominated television for nine seasons. Its unique cast of characters makes audiences repeatedly fall in love almost every episode. Rather than having one consistent story arch, the series focuses on small and mundane crisis of everyday life. Seinfeld is often described as "the show about nothing" for these ridiculous but ultimately inconsequential stories, and has been considered importantly philosophical for introducing nihilism and absurdism into the televisual landscape.
Even if the plot is difficult to find, the show's sincerity and relatable humor earns it the top spot on the list. Seinfeld may have ended abruptly when one of the lead actors controversially quit, but the show's impact continues even today.


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