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For once, the year didn’t begin too well for Netflix, with numerous reports indicating the streamer had lost subscribers for the first time since 2012.
One thing is for sure though, 2022 was definitely not the year of demise for Netflix after the platform recovered with a host of excellent new television shows and films that brought viewers back in their droves.
Netflix Best True Crime: 10 of highest rated shows on Netflix 2022 as per Rotten Tomatoes
The launch of a number of new exciting, exhilarating and star studded television series have been massive successes and are sure to have indicated to bosses at the world’s most popular subscription platform that things are back on the up.
A number of critically acclaimed television hit have stormed the platform throughout the year and headed straight to the top of the Netflix charts – and we’re sure it won’t end there either.
Netflix Best Horror 2022: 18 of the highlest rated scary movies on Netflix 2022 – rated by Rotten Tomatoes reviews
So if you’re searching for your next Netflix binge-a-thon, these 15 Netflix TV shows are sure to be the perfect place to start.
Amerie and her friends Quinni and Darren navigate through the tricky, hormonal world of love, sex and heartbreak at Hartley High.
Photo: Netflix
The series follow Mo Najjar, a Palestinian refugee that lives one step away from asylum on the path to U.S. citizenship in this extremely highly rated drama comedy.
Photo: Netflix
With her undeniable thirst for revenge due to her tragic past, a woman forces herself in a powerful family that own a global beauty empire – and countless as dark secrets.
Photo: Netflix
This Spanish drama series follows Spanish music hero Quimera who suddenly dies during a concert.
Photo: Netflix
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