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From new shows to new seasons, you won’t want to miss these TV series coming to AppleTV+ in October 2022.
AppleTV+ won big at this past Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony, including taking home a second consecutive win for Best Comedy Series with Ted Lasso. While not every show can be as awarded as Ted Lasso, AppleTV+ has nonetheless produced a number of great TV shows in its few years as a streaming service. One of the new releases coming in October 2022, Shantaram, has enough hype to land itself on this list.
Continuing its trend of releasing only a handful of TV series, similarly to September 2022's releases, AppleTV+ subscribers can at least expect variety in the shows coming in October. The central theme of the upcoming October shows is new seasons, as opposed to new series. Out of the four releases, only the Charlie Hunnam-led series Shantaram will premiere as a brand new series for AppleTV+. Nevertheless, fans can be excited about the new seasons of their favorite shows. Here are the best TV series coming to AppleTV+ in October 2022.
Hello Jack! The Kindness Show is exactly as it's named: it's a show about how a little act of kindness can change the world. The target audience of the show is preschoolers who are also some of the stars of the series. As also suggested by the show's name, Jack, played by Jack McBrayer, and co-host Bebe, played by Markita Prescott, tackle adventures that outline lessons in kindness.
The show's first season aired back in November 2021 and received high overall ratings. Reviews cited the show's main themes of educational value, positive messages, and positive role models as the main factors in the high ratings. The entire first season aired on the same day, so it is likely the second season will follow the same release schedule (on October 7) despite AppleTV+ moving most of its shows towards following a new weekly episode schedule.
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For AppleTV+, their new original series Shantaram looks to bring an influx of viewers to the streaming service. Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam will act as the main character, Lin (also known as Lindsay), who escapes prison, where he was serving a 19-year sentence for armed robberies that fed his heroin addiction. He arrives in Mumbai, and it's here that he relaunches his criminal career in the city's criminal underworld.
This action-packed story takes Lin on a journey that includes living in the slums, falling in love with India, and even fighting alongside insurgents in Afghanistan against Russia. The 12-episode first season will air a new episode weekly, beginning October 14, and promises to become a top contender for AppleTV+'s best TV series. The series is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Gregory David Roberts. That novel is credited to be loosely based on true experiences.
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The family-friendly TV series Ghostwriter returns on October 21 just in time for Halloween. The series is a clever reimagining of the show of the same name that aired back in the early-90s. The third season looks to bring on an entirely new cast, so for those who enjoyed the first two seasons, you can get excited for essentially a brand new Ghostwriter.
The series will most likely feature a new episode-a-week release schedule, beginning October 21, similarly to the trend most streaming services are gravitating towards. Fans can still expect ghosts and mystery-solving kids despite the brand new cast.
The comedy series Acapulco returns for its second season on October 21, per Forbes. The series follows a young Mexican man as he gets his dream job at the hottest resort in Acapulco. As most dream jobs go, not everything is as easy as it seems and no job is without its complications.
Season two will air a new episode a week, keeping viewers engaged until the middle of December 2022. Viewers can expect a similar fun, easy-to-watch show to continue in the new season. While not much has yet to be released about the second season, viewers can also expect the main cast to reprise their roles and continue with their silly antics.
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