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From the latter half of House of the Dragon season 1 to The White Lotus season 2, here are the best TV series coming to HBO Max in October 2022.
Since its inception in May 2020, HBO Max has grown a sizable collection of movies and TV shows. With fan favorites like Pretty Little Liars and acclaimed shows like Peacemaker, HBO Max has managed to rake in tens of millions of loyal subscribers. But despite the strength of its loyal viewership and content quality, HBO Max has seen more ups and downs than Nicolas Cage’s career.
And unfortunately, the present trajectory seems to be pointing downwards. Caught in a managerial quagmire, the streaming platform appears to be more concerned with cancelling prominent projects than adding new ones to its library. In August 2022, Warner Bros. announced that they would be canceling DC’s Batgirl and Scoob! Holiday Haunt, both of which were intended to be released on HBO Max. Batgirl was already filmed and Scoob! The Holiday Haunt was in its post-production stage. This shocking move was followed up with an even more bizarre decision to delete shows like Moonshot, The Witches, American Pickle, and Superintelligence off the platform.
Having said that, things aren’t entirely bleak at HBO Max. There are a handful of TV shows that we can still look forward to. Here are the best TV series coming to HBO Max in October 2022.
House of the Dragon was undeniably one of the most anticipated TV series to release this year on HBO Max (and, for that matter, any streaming service available). A prequel to Game of Thrones, the series takes viewers back nearly two centuries to a time when House Targaryen reigned supreme. Starring esteemed actors like Matt Smith, Paddy Considine, and Steve Toussaint, House of the Dragon premiered in August 2022, and will wrap up season 1 with weekly episodes beginning October 2.
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Ever since the new subtitle for Pennyworth season 3 was announced — “The Origins Of Batman’s Butler” — the DC fandom has been abuzz. It’s definitely interesting to note that the show and its butler have proven capable of standing on their own without having to rely on Batman’s reputation. The latest season picks up five years after the events of season 2, promising new characters and conflicts. We follow young Alfred Pennyworth who is now being recruited by Patrick Wayne to fight off the threat of a mind-controlling drug circulating throughout the city. What follows is an adrenaline-fueled noir spy thriller that delves deeper into the origins of Batman’s butler. Pennyworth season 3 features Jack Bannon, Ben Aldridge and Emma Paetz, and is set to premiere on HBO Max October 6.
An award-winning documentary series, Habla focuses its spotlight on the everyday heroes of the Latin community. Through a series of interviews, the show provides a platform for influential Latinos to tell the stories of their struggles and celebrations to the world at large. For its 16th installment, Habla Loud will direct its focus on Latino filmmakers and content creators. The hour-long documentary will feature the likes of Nicolas Entel, Leila Cobo, Carla Morrison, Wilson Cruz, Isabella Gomez, Natalie Diaz, and Ritchie Torres among others. The program is set to premiere on HBO Max October 7.
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After a two-year-long hiatus, the near-future sci-fi comedy Avenue 5 is back. In this not-so-distant future, interplanetary travel is all the rage. Rich elites have dropped the lavish sea trips in favor of space cruises. However, the luxury spaceship we’re following, Avenue 5, has malfunctioned, causing it to drift off course. Now, the supposed eight-week-long trip will take three years, and food is running out. And if that’s not worse, the ship might be heading for a collision with the sun. The result is utter chaos, confusion, and unrestrained hilarity as the ship’s passengers attempt to get back home. The sitcom offers an oddly fresh blend of sci-fi, satire, and black humor, creating a show that’s unique and satisfying to the core. Avenue 5’s cast includes Hugh Laurie, Zach Woods, Josh Gad, and Lenora Crichlow, among others. Its second season is set to premiere on HBO Max October 10.
Fixer Upper is a popular reality show that follows married couple Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines as they go around renovating old houses into awe-inspiring living spaces. The duo has been working their magic on substandard houses on HGTV since 2013. However, their most ambitious project came alive in 2019 when the Gaines purchased a hundred-year-old castle, giving it a makeover that merges the aesthetics of the past, the present, and the future. The renovated castle based in Texas has been open for guided tours since July 21 and will continue welcoming visitors till October 26. And for those of us who can’t make it, the story of the renovation is well documented to watch on HBO Max starting October 14.
The White Lotus is not an easy watch. It forces introspection upon its viewer, posing difficult questions about race, class wealth, and privileges. Even though it is loaded with socio-political commentaries, The White Lotus doesn’t come off as preachy at all. The secret lies in the show’s ability to seamlessly jump from one genre to the next, keeping its themes intact but refusing to confine itself into a categorical box. One moment, you’re watching a quirky comedy show, and the very next, it becomes a whodunnit murder mystery. So, it’s no surprise that the masterful show was nominated for 20 Emmy Awards and would return for a second season. The White Lotus’ season 2 cast includes Jennifer Coolidge (the only returning actor from season 1), Aubrey Plaza, F. Murray Abraham, and Tom Hollander, to name a few. As of this writing, season 2 has no specific release date, but will release on HBO Max sometime in October 2022.


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