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From a new season of The Umbrella Academy to Peaky Blinders’ final season, here are the best TV series coming to Netflix in June 2022.
June is approaching, and the new month is once again bringing us numerous TV series arriving to Netflix. Although the streaming platform has been gradually losing its subscribers, it still has a lot to bring to the table. Not only is the platform bringing movie classics such as The Amazing Spider-Man and Mission: Impossible movies, it’s also introducing new Netflix originals.
Some of the most anticipated series to look forward to on Netflix in June are The Umbrella Academy, whose season 3 trailer released earlier in May, and the final season of the hit BBC series Peaky Blinders. Peaky Blinders aired its series finale on its native network back in April, but U.S. fans have had to wait until now to watch it in its entirety. Without further ado, here are nine of the best TV series that you should definitely look out for on Netflix in June 2022.
Set in Berlin, The Perfect Mother is a crime thriller focused on a mother Helene Berg whose daughter becomes accused of murder. As a devoted mother who doesn't believe her daughter would be capable of such an act, she decides to discover the real truth behind the murder case. This miniseries is actually based on a novel of the same name by Nina Darnton. Per Adweek, Netflix is committed to bringing more global projects onto its platform, with The Perfect Mother being an international co-production as well. Lovers of crime mysteries, get ready!
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A TV show about a vampire falling in love with a vampire hunter and they're both girls? As we head into Pride month, First Kill is perfect LGBTQ+ TV series to binge. There's something inherently queer about vampires, and it's always been implied across all media, but Netflix's First Kill is finally going to officially explore the trope. We really hope it's going to bring quality, given the fact it's a lesbian love story that we've all been impatiently waiting for.
You're all probably familiar with this gangster drama, set in the 1900s in Birmingham. The gang in Peaky Blinders is also loosely based on a real gang that was active in Britain during the late 1890s and early 1900s. As much as it's been loved by the audience, it was announced that the sixth season coming out on June 10 will be the last one in the series. It stars an ensemble cast of big names such as Cillian Murphy in the lead role, Helen McCrory, Tom Hardy, Anya Taylor-Joy, Sam Claflin, and many more. We can't wait to see Tommy Shelby surviving yet another conspiracy set against him.
Starring Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone in the lead roles, God’s Favorite Idiot is an apocalyptic workplace sitcom. The story follows Clark, who, after getting struck by a lightning, believes himself to be a messenger of God. According to Variety, production of god's Favorite Idiot underwent significant changes, pivoting from an originally-planned 16-episode season to two batches of eight episodes.
Netflix's second Swedish series Love & Anarchy is a romantic comedy created by Lisa Langseth. The plot centers around a successful consultant, Sofie, who starts a dangerous flirting game with a young IT expert named Max. As part of their daily flirtations, they start giving each other weird challenges that they have to fulfill. If you're up for a series that focuses on the exciting disruption of boring domestic life, this one is for you. Watch out for the second season on June 16.
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For the next one, we have an Indian crime drama centered around a poor woman constable, who goes undercover to bust an underworld gang. Realizing the dormant power of her sexuality, she poses as a sex worker and embarks on a mission. Watch out for the release of the second season of She on June 17.
You didn't think we'd forget to include at least one K-drama in the list, did you? Alchemy of Souls is an upcoming tvN South Korean drama centered on the trope of "hwanhonsool" (the soul of the dead return to the living). Ancient magicians dealing with heaven and earth? Sign us up. The story is set in a fictional country of Daeho, heavily focusing on the romance as well as other fantastical elements — as most K-dramas do. Knowing the aesthetic visuals Korean filmography always brings, we cannot wait for this to come out.
You're probably also familiar with the time travel superhero series based on comics of the same name The Umbrella Academy, right? It revolves around a dysfunctional family of superheroes who come together to solve their father's death and to prevent an apocalypse. The series has already managed to receive six Emmy nominations and has overall been very well received. The trailer for the upcoming third season has revealed there's going to be a lot of drama surrounding the siblings in every timeline. June 22 is about to bring everyone's obsession with the show back to its place, so certainly get ready and feel free to join!
Although Money Heist: Korea is a reimagination of the popular Spanish TV series La Casa De Papel, the plot is changed to Korean standards with the same aliases still intact. The plot imagines a world where South and North Korea finally reach a unifying agreement to end the war, and they open up the borders for each other. Instead of the expected economic growth, the rich only get richer and the poor, poorer. Hence, why a group of individuals led by an intelligent Professor decide to take back what's rightfully theirs. Keep an eye out on the Korean adaptation coming out on June 24 and keep in mind that there's no need to compare.


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