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October is on its way and Netflix will soon be deluged with an impressive TV series line-up. Here’s a list of what you shouldn’t miss in October 2022.
September is about to wrap up. And, no doubt, many TV series from Netflix tried to create headlines, especially knowing that September was a congested month for the television landscape. As such, stiff competitors of Netflix — from Amazon Prime to HBO Max — served follow-ups for their fan-favorites outings. Certainly, in September, much of the buzz was garnered by HBO's House of the Dragon and Prime's The Lord of the Rings: The Ring of Power. Netflix, too, didn't shy away and managed to put together an impressive audience for its original show Cobra Kai. Indeed, per Forbes, the fifth season, apart from outperforming its previous installments, also secured a perfect 100% score from the critics. On the other hand, many new shows debuted too, such as Devil in Ohio and Iron Chef: Mexico, among many others.
As the fall approaches, Netflix is gearing up for an energetic October 2022 TV line-up for its loyal subscribers. In this puddle of entertainment hitting the screens next month, naturally, it might become overwhelming to pick your next show to binge. Here is the list of the best TV series that you should stream on Netflix in October 2022.
Nailed It! is Netflix’s original food competition series that pits several amateur bakers against each other in the kitchen. Furthermore, the winner is rewarded with the grand prize of a whopping $10,000 and a limited edition sought-after “Nailed It” trophy. The show premiered in 2018, and since then, each season served everything a reality show should, along with a wholesome chunk of comedy. The seventh season, unlike its other entries, will have a lesser number of episodes — precisely, four — with each episode’s duration being 45 minutes. Thankfully, Nicole Byers will return as host in this year’s Halloween-themed
season, releasing October 5.
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Glitch is an exclusive visual treat for K-pop fans, starring Jeon Yeon Bin and Nana in the lead. The comedy series traces the mysterious disappearance of Jeon’s boyfriend and her efforts to unravel this mystery with help of the UFO community. The show boasts a handful of known faces of Netflix’s original series family from South Korea, such as Jeon Yeo, who played the fabled romantic lead as Hong Cha in the popular crime series Vincenzo, and Nana, who was seen leading the series Genesis. Notably, the first season of Glitch is to hit the screens October 7, with ten episodes of 60 minutes' runtime each.
Unsolved Mysteries is a true crime series that premiered with six episodes in the first season back in January 2019. Naturally, the unique plotline of Unsolved Mysteries, which featured several tragic events, paranormal encounters, and gruesome murders, among many other similar gripping stories, got much attention. Following the successful launch of the series, Netflix naturally renewed Unsolved Mysteries for a third season. However, the knowledge of the number of episodes dropping in this tranche is still murkier, but per Netflix Tudum, the upcoming season will deliver “darker and deeper mysteries” on October 18.
Somebody Feed Phil, an American food and travel documentary series hosted by Phil Rosenthal, sees the host trotting around the global, meeting new people, and gulping down lots and lots of food. As such, the sixth season, that was filmed alongside the fifth volume (released this year in May), will focus on exploring Croatia, Philadelphia, Nashville, Austin, and Santiago. Also, the upcoming season, which returns October 18, will pay tribute to Phil’s parents, Max and Helen, who recurrently joined the show via video call. Fans of Somebody Feed Phil might be aware that both of them passed away due to declining health.
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Cabinet of Curiosities is an eight-episode anthology series that will take audiences on a spin-chilling horror ride, beginning with the first two episodes releasing on October 25, followed by two episodes each day until October 28. Per Cinema Blend, six episodes will narrate a tale from pre-existing spooky tales penned by authors like H. P. Lovekraft, Henry Kuttner, and more. At the same time, the final two episodes will be original stories curated by none other than Guillermo del Toro, who is best known for his creature feature work in Pan's Labyrinth (2006), The Shape of Water (2017), and more.
Created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett, and loosely adapted from Kroll and Goldberg's teenage experiences, Big Mouth is a coming-of-age Netflix original adult-animated sitcom, which is hilariously brimming with raunchy content. In the sixth season, releasing October 28, the show will unpack another peculiar concept by Hormones Monster — Love Bugs and Hate Worm — while navigating adolescents about how one cannot pick bloodlines, but surround themselves with people who love you for who you are.
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