BIGBANG Members Scattered, YG Affirms The Group Will Survive

BIGBANG Members Finally Left YG Entertainment One By One Leaving Only G-Dragon. Even So, YG Confirmed That BIGBANG Would Not Disband.

It didn’t take long after Taeyang BIGBANG ( BIG BANG ) was confirmed to leave YG Entertainment, Daesung also followed on the same day. With that, G-Dragon is the only BIGGANG member whose status still remains at YG Entertainment. So, what will happen to BIBGANG in the future?

When confirming the departure of the members, YG Entertainment is also known to have emphasized that BIGBANG will not be disbanded. Including when Taeyang, Daesung and TOP left earlier. YG has firmly stated that the fact that the three of them are members of BIGBANG will not change.

We are very excited to share Taeyang’s new start. The fact that he is a YG family member and a BIGBANG member has not changed. We understand many of you are waiting for BIGBANG’s activities so we will work together to make it happen. Thank you,” YG said when confirming Taeyang’s exit.

The fact that Daesung is a member of BIGBANG remains unchanged,” explained YG’s side in the Daesung case.

Likewise YG’s statement when TOP decided to leave the company on the release of the single “Still Life” in April 2022. YG assures fans that TOP will join BIGBANG’s activities if conditions permit.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG is known to be one of the legendary K-Pop groups from generation 2, which has contributed to spreading this culture globally. BIGBANG themselves debuted with their first single “Big Bang” in 2006.

BIGBANG has also produced many hits throughout his career. Starting from “Lies”, “Last Farewell”, “Day by Day”, “Fantastic Baby”, “Fxxk It” and “Bang Bang Bang”.

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