BIGBANG’s Taeyang Blusukan To Other Agencies, Vibe Challenge With LE SSERAFIM-Stray Kids

BIGBANG’s Taeyang Is Following The Trend By Creating The ‘Vibe Challenge’ To Promote His New Single. Taeyang Was Also Observed Doing This Chellenge With A Number Of Cross-Agency Junior Idols.

Taeyang BIGBANG ( BIG BANG ) has just made a comeback with the single “Vibe” featuring Jimin BTS . Following current trends, Taeyang also held a “Vive Challenge” to promote his new single. So far, Taeyang seems to have done the Vibe Challenge with idol seniors across agencies.

Taeyang seems to have gone to a number of agencies to do the Vibe Challenge. So far, Taeyang has been observed doing the Vibe Challenge with Jimin BTS (Big Hit Music-HYBE), Stray Kids (JYP Entertainment) and LE SSERAFIM (Source Musik-HYBE).

Taeyang ‘s Vibe Challenge with Felix and Hyunjin from Stray Kids was posted on Monday (16/1) on his SNS and YouTube accounts. The short clip begins with a close-up of Taeyang’s hands locked in a gesture familiar to Stray Kids fans. When the camera zooms out, Taeyang is seen in a practice room that JYPE fans must be familiar with before Felix and Hyunjin dance on the screen.

In the next Vibe Challenge post, Taeyang went to Source Musik to meet Huh Yunjin and Hong Eunchae LE SSERAFIM. On Instagram, Taeyang and the two LE SSERAFIM members’ Vibe Challenge posts have amassed over 600k views.

Similar to the previous post, the clip begins with a close up of Taeyang before Yunjin and Eunchae enter the frame. Yunjin and Eunchae were seen paying their respects to Taeyang before the three started their Vibe Challenge.

Meanwhile it is known that Taeyang recently moved to The Black Label after 16 years at YG Entertainment. Immediately after his move, Taeyang announced that he would be returning. Considering that BIGBANG’s last comeback took place in 2016 and his last solo comeback in 2017, Taeyang’s comeback this time is highly anticipated.

Taeyang’s video challenge with his juniors also received a lot of positive responses from fans. They were happy to see Taeyang’s interactions with his junior idols.

” I love watching him interact with the younger group , ” wrote @khaxxxx . ” Taeyang travels from one company to another hahaha , ” continued @ljxxxx . ” BIGBANG debuted before Euncha was born ,” concluded @denxxxx while adding a laughing emoji.

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