BoA Receives Spicy Criticism After Complaining View MV ‘Stamp On It’ GOT The Beat Doesn’t Meet Expectations

In The Five Days Since Its Release, The ‘Stamp On It’ MV Has Yet To Reach 5 Million Views, Which Is Quite Low. And It Seems That The Low Viewership Of The Music Video Is Even A Concern For The Members Themselves.

SM Entertainment supergroup Girls On Top GOT the Beat recently made their first comeback, “Stamp On It”, which was released on January 16. During promotional activities, BoA ‘s comments, the oldest member, drew criticism from netizens.

Unlike “Step Back” which was released last year, “Stamp On It” received a not-so-good response from both fans and the public. Many fans have said that they would prefer SM Entertainment to focus more on the original group the members came from than the GOT the Beat project.

In fact, at the time of writing, the mini album “Stamp On It” was only selling around 87,000 copies. This is far less than recent albums released by Girls’ Generation , Red Velvet , and aespa .

In the five days since its release, the music video for “Stamp On It” also hasn’t reached 5 million views, which is quite low. And it seems that the low viewership of the music video is even a concern for the members themselves.

In the group’s performance of “Stamp On It” on ” M Countdown “, BoA brought up the topic to their fans during the pre-recording session. “Our music video didn’t get as many views as I expected. Please watch! Happy New Year. And take care of yourselves. Thank you!” BoA said.

The moment can be seen between around 5:30 and 5:45 in the fancam video that M2 released recently. BoA’s candid statements and requests were received with very mixed reactions.

“I watched the video because I couldn’t believe he actually said that and this is what he said -> At first, everyone was a bit awkward and hesitant to speak, so he suddenly said something like, ‘If we add up all the years our promotions together, we’re about to turn 70, so we’re considered big seniors’ and the way he said it was so random…? And then he looked at Hyoyeon and said to her, ‘Why are you acting cute?’ and spoil the atmosphere…” commented netizens on the Pann site.

” Unnie !! “And he never thought that it might be because of him?” netizens said. “He really just said it like that…? It’s kind of left field,” added another.

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