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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -Meals on Wheels has been a lifeline for Brazos Valley seniors in need of food and nourishment for more than four decades and counting.
The nonprofit is now in danger of losing the building that they’ve called home for more than 40 years. Property owners have decided to sell the building, leaving Meals on Wheels scrambling for options and hoping for a miracle.
If the building that sits at the corner of South Bryan Ave and West 30th Street is sold, Meals on Wheels would have 60 days to vacate the property.
Ken Barnes, Meals on Wheels Program Director, says the service they offer is too valuable for the community to lose and is reaching out to the community for help.
“If it’s sold we have 60 days to move out and the Meals on Wheels program doesn’t generate funds that will be available to us to actually purchase this location,” said Barnes. “So we would be, it would be a struggle to keep meals going.”
Barnes says Meals on Wheels volunteers do more than cook and deliver food.
“Without this meal a lot of times we are the only person that these people see,” Barnes said. ”It’s not only the meals but we’re doing a check on them to make sure everything is alright. There are also other things that they may need, extra supplies that we can take them as well.”
Dave South is a longtime volunteer for Meals on Wheels but he’s most known for being the voice of the Aggies. South is now using his voice to help spread awareness about how important Meals on Wheels is to the Brazos Valley.
“They get a meal five days a week some of those folks take that Friday meal and they divide it up three ways so they’ll have something to eat at lunch on Saturday and Sunday,” said South. “That’s how much they need this program.”
Meals on Wheels volunteers and supporters are hoping something can be done to save the facility. Brazos County Commissioners are considering allocating funds from the American Rescue Plan Act to go toward a facility but that could take several years, time Barnes says the nonprofit doesn’t have to spare.
“We would need to be able to come up with the funds to purchase it. The market price on it now is $330,000,” said Barnes. “We would hope to be able to negotiate that down. Anything anybody is willing to do to help us if they have any idea, any contacts that might be able to help us generate that funds are appreciated.”
South says he would like to see the facility stay in operation without any pauses until a new facility is available.
“You would hope that maybe there be second thoughts about selling it or that the new owner would want meals on wheels to stay there and continue this service,” South said.
Those that would like to help Meals on Wheels can contact them directly at 979-823-2203
Meals on Wheels is also taking part in Brazos Valley Gives. You can donate by clicking here.
Brazos Valley Meals on Wheels is in danger of losing the building that they’ve called home for more than 40 years. Property owners have decided to sell the building, leaving the nonprofit scrambling for options and hoping for a miracle. I'll have more tonight on @KBTXNews at Ten.
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