BTS Compactly Cosplay As A Cat, V’s Shirt Until Jungkook’s Piercing Successfully Makes Salfok

On Tuesday (3/1), BTS Released A Preview For The Latest Episode Of ‘Run BTS’ Which Will Air Soon. Cosplay As A Cat, The Appearance Of Several Members Succeeded In Making A Salfok.

Ahead of the broadcast of the latest episode of “Run BTS”, BigHit released a preview of BTS compactly cosplaying as cats. Among the adorable photos, there are many things that make ARMYs cross, such as V – holes and Jungkook ‘s cuteness .

On Tuesday (3/1), BTS released a preview of the newest “Run BTS”. In the photos, the seven members are wearing cat ears complete with sensors to move them.

Among the seven members, Suga is called the most natural. Even the appearance of J-Hope’s muscular arms made it wrong to focus, considered single with the cuteness they displayed.

As soon as the photos of the seven BTS members were released, fans gave mixed reactions on social media. More than anything, ARMYs are excited to watch BTS’s new content “Next Top Genius part 1” which will be released soon.

“Tae, the clothes are not finished yet, don’t wear them first,” said one netizen. “Gemesss really cute 😍😍 btw Tae’s clothes got stuck in a nail, so it was a bit torn 🤭,” said another netizen.

“The fact that Yoongi looks so natural with cat ears… I’m crazy,” commented a netizen. “Yoongi and his cat friends,” added another.

And heh!! Gemess is so great. Thanks for the staff,” continued another netizen.

Meanwhile, BTS has been focusing on individual activities since releasing the anthology album “Proof”. The plan is for this group to return to activities together in 2025 after all members have completed their mandatory military service. Currently, Jin is the first member to enlist in the army.

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