BTS J-Hope’s Expression When Seeing Hong Eunchae LE SSERAFIM Becomes The Spotlight

J-Hope Also Received Attention When He Was Seen Interacting With His Junior, LE SSERAFIM. In Particular, Korean Netizens Noticed J-Hope’s Facial Expression When He Saw Hong Eunchae Greeting Him.

Recently, J-Hope BTS ‘s newest facial expression attracted attention after he was seen interacting with his junior, LE SSERAFIM . They met at the 2023 Golden Disc Awards last week.

The 37th Golden Disc was held on January 7, and many artists were invited to join the event. J-Hope was also seen attending this event and receiving various awards, including the main Album of the Year award on behalf of his team BTS.

On this day, J-Hope also received attention when he was seen interacting with his junior, LE SSERAFIM. In particular, Korean netizens noticed J-Hope’s facial expression when he saw Hong Eunchae LE SSERAFIM greeting him.

Korean netizens highlighted that J-Hope looked like he had just met a baby and he gave him a big smile. One fan shared the video and wrote, “Hoseok’s eyes…like looking at a baby…Eunchae is still a baby…they are 12 years apart.”

They were mesmerized by the cute interactions between the two idols. Other netizens also shared their reactions on the popular online community Theqoo and called this interaction adorable.

“This is very cute and funny,” commented netizens. “This is very adorable. I like J-Hope,” said netizens. “That’s the face I make when I see puppies on the street, kekeke,” added another.

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