BTS Wears Hanbok To Say Happy Chinese New Year With Jin

The Seven BTS Members Including Jin Gathered Together Wearing Traditional Hanbok Clothes And Wished Fans A Happy Chinese New Year 2023 In The Latest Video.

BTS wore hanbok and wished them a happy 2023 Chinese New Year through BANGTANTV which released their 2023 season greeting. Before oldest member Jin enlisted in the military, BTS wore beautiful hanboks, sent New Year greetings and sang “Magpie, magpie, Seollal yesterday~” together -same.

RM the leader said, “Whoa, 2023. Since this is Seollal, eat a lot of tteokguk (rice cake soup, traditional food during Seollal). I hope you guys have a meaningful time with your families. We recorded this in hopes that the Korean age system has changed in year 2023.”

In response, Jin asked, “Does that mean I’ll get younger too?” Hearing this, Jungkook made Jin lower his head by sending a fact attack, “Jin, your biological age will be the same.”

Jin then greeted fans by saying, “By the way, I hope you eat lots of tteokguk and spend a lot of time with your families.”

V asked J-Hope , “Are you going to spend Seollal with your parents?” and the owner’s real name Jung Hoseok replied, “I don’t have a set plan yet. I’ll have to wait and see.”

BTS’ Jimin didn’t miss this and asked Jin in the future who was serving in the army, “How are you doing there, Jin?” Jin earned applause from the members as he wittily replied, “My army friends make tteokguk, and it’s delicious.”

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