Chenle’s Attitude From NCT Is Judged To Be Proof That Haechan Has Endured Pain Since December 2022

Fans Suddenly Became Busy Expressing Their Worry Because Haechan NCT Was Revealed To Have Heart Palpitations And Finally Had To Take A Break From Activities, Allegedly Having Been Sick Since December 2022.

Fans were suddenly shocked by the news that Haechan NCT had heart palpitations or felt palpitations and shortness of breath. This then made Haechan go to the hospital to be checked and SM Entertainment decided that he would take a break from all his activities.

Haechan’s busy schedule immediately became one that fans considered the root of the problem. Throughout 2022, Haechan and Mark Lee will not only be busy with the comebacks of NCT 127 and NCT Dream but also the world tours of the two NCT sub-units.

This handsome idol born in 2000 is then suspected of having been enduring illness since December last year. This suspicion arose after fans noticed one of Haechan’s “Candy” fancams released on December 29. The recording for NCT Dream’s appearance on “M Countdown” was made a few days earlier.

In the fancam, Haechan is considered to be very quiet, different from usual. In addition, Haechan often seems to be facing backwards on the sidelines of filming his part. So, his facial expressions are not highlighted by the camera.

At around 2:30 minutes, Chenle ‘s attitude was considered to show concern because Haechan was sick. The two seemed to be chatting and Chenle allegedly asked if Haechan was okay. The idol whose real name is Lee Donghyeok himself is seen nodding his head.

Chenle himself at that moment also stroked Haechan’s back. This was initially not seen on camera until finally Haechan returned to formation because he entered his part to sing.

Previously, Haechan’s tired eyes had been highlighted since this video was released. The fans at this time immediately felt that Haechan’s tired eyes were related to his illness.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment itself has not provided further details regarding Haechan’s health and only mentioned the need for treatment and rest. The fans themselves hope that Haechan will not have a serious illness and will recover soon.

Get well soon, Haechan!

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