Complete Profile of Rose BLACKPINK, Religion, Career Journey and 9 Rosé Friends besides BLACKPINK Members, There’s Olivia Rodrigo!

Rose BLACKPINK is a member of a girl group or girl group from South Korea that has managed to attract the attention of many fans. Not only attracts the public with her beautiful face, but her voice is very distinctive. When listening to the song while closing your eyes, you will probably know right away if it is Rose singing the song.

In fact, Rose has a Korean name, namely Park Chae Young or in Hangul it is written 박채영. Meanwhile, Rose is her English name, Roseanne Park. For you BLINKs and want to know more about Rose BLACKPINK, let’s look at her profile below.

Profile of Rose BLACKPINK

Roseanne Park, better known as Rose BLACKPINK, is a woman born in New Zealand. He then grew up in Melbourne, Australia. Rose was born on February 11, 1997 in Auckland, New Zealand and has one older sister. Even though he was born outside of South Korea, in fact Rose is of genuine Korean descent.

Rose is also known to have attended Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College in Melbourne. At BLACKPINK, Rose fills the position as the main vocalist or main vocalist. In fact, Rose became the last member to join BLACKPINK with the shortest training period, namely 4 years.

Having a proportional body, Rose BLACKPINK makes a lot of people jealous. Rose is 168.7 cm tall. The following is a brief summary of Rose BLACKPINK’s profile:

Stage Name: Rose
Birth Name: Park Chae Young
International Name: Roseanne Park
Place, Date of birth: Auckland, New Zealand, 11 February 1997
Height: 168.7 cm
Weight: 44 kg
Blood type: B
Instagram: @roses_are_rosie

BLACKPINK Rose’s Career Journey

Not in an instant way, Rose BLACKPINK started her career journey really from the bottom. Since childhood, Rose has had an interest in art and music. As a child he joined the church choir and was even good at playing the piano and guitar.

That’s what then led Rose began to dare to audition. In 2012, YG Entertainment held auditions in Australia to find trainees who would be debuted as artists. Even though he was only 15 years old at the time, on his father’s suggestion, Rose joined the audition and unexpectedly placed first out of a total of 700 participants.

Until after signing a contract with the label that houses him now, Rose then moved to Seoul to undergo a trainee or training period. Being a trainee, Rose had to undergo a solid training period. Not only vocal and dancing exercises, Rose also had to learn Korean.

At the end of every month, trainees must show the results of their abilities in front of the YG Entertainment boss. So you really have to practice really hard.

Until later in the same year, he had the opportunity to appear in G-Dragon’s labelmate song “Without You” from the EP One of a Kind.

His name was not written at that time until finally his name was revealed when he debuted with BLACKPINK members. Being the last member to be revealed, Rose BLACKPINK was introduced to the public on June 22 2016. Until finally Rose together with other BLACKPINK members debuted on August 8 2016 with the album Square One with the main songs Boombayah and Whistle.

During his career as a BLACKPINK member, Rose was also often appointed as the brand ambassador for various world fashion brands, one of which was Saint Laurent. After that, Rose BLACKPINK also made her solo debut on March 12 2021 with her album “R” with the main song “On the Ground”.

After the release, Rose BLACKPINK gained a lot of success. The Music Video that was released on YouTube even immediately reached 41.6 million views in the first 24 hours. Even the song “On the Ground” also existed at number 70 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This is a sign that the song has become the highest chart by a Korean female soloist in the United States.

Not only that, sales of the album “R” were also recorded as having managed to get the highest sales record in the first week, namely 448,089 copies sold. Until 2 weeks after his solo debut, Rose finally won his first win on the South Korean music program, Show Champion on March 24, 2021.

Interesting things from Rose BLACKPINK

In fact, this woman from New Zealand has many interesting things that are her own charm. While still in school, it turned out that Rose had been a member of a cheerleader or cheerleader. Rose BLACKPINK is also proficient in languages, she can speak Korean, English and also Japanese fluently.

This left-handed woman also turns out to like to draw. His favorite foods are kimchi soup, chocolate cake and Thai Tom Yum soup. But he doesn’t like jokbal. Even though BLACKPINK members are very close to each other, Rose is known to be very close to Lisa. So close that they are even called twins.

Lisa who comes from Thailand also often teaches Thai language to Rose. Not only familiar with BLACKPINK members, Rose is also close to other girl group members. Rose is known to be close friends with Chaeyoung and Tzuyu from TWICE and Joy Red Velvet.

For the ideal type of man, Rose BLACKPINK likes men who are sweet rather than sexy, you know. She likes men who are good the way they are and have a good voice. Gong Yoo was once called an artist who is close to the ideal type of Rose BLACKPINK.

Rose also has a pet. He has a cute dog named Hank. Having been in care since 2020, BLACKPINK’s Rose loves Hank very much, he even made an Instagram. Interestingly, the Instagram account ‘hank_says_hank’ is also much loved by fans so that the account has now been observed to have 3.2 million followers and has been blue ticked.

Rosé BLACKPINK apparently has many friends outside the group. She is often referred to as a girl who easily blends in with other people, even though one of them met Rosé only once at one event.

For example, Talia, who immediately became friendly and friendly with Rosé after meeting her once at the 2021 Met Gala. The two of them are often seen hanging out and eating together.

Often participating in various music and fashion events, Rosé meets many people. From the list of friends, there are those who work as models, singers, actresses, and even dancers. So, who are Rosé’s friends outside the BLACKPINK circle? Come on, let’s take a peek at the 12 lists!

  1. Friendship between Rosé and Hyeri Girls Day started when they met on the Amazing Saturday program in 2018. They are still close to this day
  2. After meeting at the 2021 Met Gala, Rosé grew closer to American actress, Talia Ryder. They often hang out together when Rosé goes to America
  3. Well, if this is Ashley, Rosé’s best friend since trainee days. The two attended the same church, got acquainted, then became friends until now
  4. After attending the Sea of Hopes event, Rosé and actress Kim Go Eun finally became friends. They often spend time together like brothers!
  5. Rosé, Hailey Bieber, Kate Moss, Sabrina Carpenter, and Zoë Kravitz are YSL Family members who often meet and mingle at brand events
  6. Leejung Lee often calls Rosé “my favorite unnie”. Their friendship is close even though she is younger than Rosé
  7. Often attend YSL events together, Rosé and supermodel Anja Rubik are friends. Rubik several times shared their moments on Instagram
  8. Joan often hangs out with Rosé, both in Korea and abroad. They even watched a basketball game together in America
  9. BLINKs didn’t expect Stella Maxwell to be in a circle with Rosé. Meanwhile, Soo Joo Park once walked and had dinner with him in Paris. The three of them are so cute!

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