Crime City Film Review – Zhang Chen’s Chamber of Truth and Discovery

movie plot

The film ‘Crime City‘ began in March 2004 in Chinatown in Garibong-dong. Because of the confrontation between the Yanbian organizations, there are no quiet days, and accidents happen every day. Detective Ma Seok-do, who is in charge of the crime scene, appears on the scene, manages the situation, and immediately leaves for another case.


Zhang Chen, the leader of the Black Dragon faction, who came from Harbin and took over the Korean-Chinese organizations one by one, and the two members were rumored to be vicious and ruthless.


When the viper’s subordinates borrowed money from them, but did not return it, the Black Dragon took action to get the money. Viper, who came to look for his subordinates, attacked without knowing what Chang Chen was, and was finally killed by the sword. And Zhang Chen absorbed the entire viper wave.


Detective Ma, who is being entertained at the location of Chun-sik’s group’s business, drinks alcohol and falls asleep in the room. The three black dragons who came to drink on the same day played in the room next to the sleeping witch, cut off the manager’s arm with an ax, and ran away. Magic Detective begins an investigation to catch the Black Dragon gang.


Another Korean-Chinese organization, Lee Soo-pa, was robbed of his place of business without using any power for the Black Dragon. An annoyed Lee Soo-pa tries to destroy a stolen business site and deals with the Black Dragon. However, the black dragon Wangrak, who was on the dragon ship, couldn’t stand his anger and fought with Yisoo, and was captured by Detective Ma. However, Wei-Rak did not reveal Zhang Chen’s whereabouts until the end. Zhang Chen had now even killed the leader of the Yi Su faction, Zhang Su.

“Did the witch catch Zhang Qian, or did Zhang Qian escape to China?”

In the fight between Detective Ma Seokdo and Chen Chen, who will win? If you want to know the match, I recommend watching ‘Crime City’ until the end.


Movie basic information and main character analysis
This is Kang Yun-seong’s directorial debut and the film that won him the Best New Director Award. This is a well-made film that received an audience rating of 9.28 and a netizen rating of 9.14. Director Kang Yoon-seong also took over the script.

It ranks 61st in the all-time box office rankings, with 6,880,546 cumulative viewers watching the film. However, it seems that the popularity of crime scenes is still being used on various entertainment shows and YouTube.


Ma Seok-do (Ma Dong-seok): It seems that Ma Dong-seok mainly plays the detective or benevolent role. As far as I can remember, I’ve never seen a villain before. In this film, he left a lot of keywords. The appearance of catching the villain in a confrontation with the villain seems to be a realistic version of the Hulk from the Avengers.

It seems that most of the characters played by Ma Dong-seok have a lot in common. However, because of Ma Dong-seok’s presence, there are many parts that are expressed in a delicious way. As a result, he became an actor who made many people go to the theater. Now, when you think of Ma Dong-seok, don’t you remember the box office box? It proves that his presence in the film is no joke.


Chang Chen (Yoon Kye-sang): The leader of the Black Dragon faction, a Korean-Chinese organization originating from Harbin, and a cold-blooded person who killed the leader of the Korean-Chinese organization without regard to confession.

I saw Yoon Kye-sang again in this film. I really like his natural Korean-Chinese accent and his brutally murderous acting. I can see that Yoon Kye-sang really likes acting and wants to do it. I think it was a film that gave me the opportunity to grow into actor Yoon Kye-sang rather than singer Yoon Kye-sang from god group.

personal review
Ma Dong-seok doesn’t seem to be playing the villain. If Ma Dong-seok played the villain, it didn’t seem like it would suit him. I think he’s like the Avengers, the most powerful character in the Korean film industry. He seems to be a unique hero character.


One of his famous lines from the film is just a slap in the cheek, and he grabs the fallen suspect and says, “Hey, breathe! Breathe!” The scene was serious and had no choice but to laugh.


Also, I can’t forget the scene of the violent troops moving in unison when Detective Ma exclaims, “To the chamber of truth!” Those sentences may be familiar to those who have never seen the film.


The most memorable scene is during the investigation to find out where Jiang Chen is by arresting Wieseong-rak of the Black Dragon sect, and the scene where Wit-l-rak doesn’t want to cooperate by asking for a lawyer, Detective Ma and murder. squad introducing lawyers is also interesting. “Well, hello, this is our former lawyer,” he said charmingly.


In the battle scene between Chen Chang and Detective Ma Seok-do, which could be said to be the climax of the film, when Chang Chen said, “Are you alone?” Detective Ma replies, “Oh, you are single!” The conversation between the two people was also interesting.

In fact, it can be said that this is a very well made commercial film for the work of a new director. It was fun and the acting of the actors wasn’t awkward.


Besides, I think this film is more than anything else where Yoon Kye-sang, who plays Jang Chen, is recognized as the actor of the film Yoon Kye-sang rather than the singer. If there are many imitations or parodies of Chang Chen in the entertainment industry, doesn’t that mean his acting has been recognized?

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