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Wayne’s World’s Garth is Dana Carvey’s most famous role, and here’s a guide to the comedian’s other notable movie and television roles.
Dana Carvey’s best-known role is as Wayne’s World’s Garth, but here’s a guide to his other notable movies and TV credits. Despite being best known for comedy, Carvey’s first role actually came with 1981’s Halloween 2, where he appeared in a couple of scenes as a reporter’s assistant. Carvey then appeared in an eclectic range of projects, playing a mime in the 1984 classic This Is Spinal Tap and that same year he also appeared in Blue Thunder, a TV series based on the action movie of the same name; the series only lasted for one season. He also appeared in the final movie pairing of Hollywood icons Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster for Tough Guys in 1986.
Dana Carvey’s breakthrough came in 1986 when he joined legendary comedy series Saturday Night Live (where Adam Sandler was fired). Carvey became famed for his impressions of public figures like Ross Perot and George Bush. He was also behind The Church Lady, an uptight, judgemental churchgoer who would become one of Carvey’s signature SNL characters. He also once held the record for the cast member who stated “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” although he was eventually overtaken by Darrell Hammond. Carvey was one of Saturday Night Live’s most popular cast members during his run, and he eventually left the show in 1993.
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During his time on SNL, Dana Carvey also appeared in movies like Moving – starring Richard Pryor – and had his first lead role in 1990’s Opportunity Knocks, although neither were hits. Another popular Saturday Night Live sketch Carvey appeared in was Wayne’s World, alongside Mike Myers. The skit became a movie in 1992, which became an instant success. While Myers’ Wayne was mostly the focus, Dana Carvey’s endearingly awkward Garth was its secret weapon. The stars were quickly reunited for 1993’s Wayne’s World 2, an enjoyable sequel that nonetheless disappointed critically and financially. Carvey had a busy year in 1994, fronting comedies like Clean Slate and Trapped In Paradise opposite Nicolas Cage and Jon Lovitz.
Carvey saw himself as more of a comedian than an actor and didn’t particularly enjoy working on movies like Clean Slate; he also famously turned down Bad Boys during this period. Instead, he led the sketch series The Dana Carvey Show, which gave early breaks to Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert. The series is now considered hilarious and subversive, but it proved controversial for skits like its now-notorious opening Bill Clinton – who was played by Clive Owen in American Crime Story – “teat” sketch and was quickly canceled. Carvey had health issues stemming from a botched heart bypass operation in 1997 also and was absent from movies and TV for a few years.
In 2002, he returned for his final – to date – leading role in a comedy for 2002’s Master Of Disguise. While the movie was a modest success, it received horrid reviews. In the years since, Dana Carvey has mostly focused on stand-up comedy but has cameoed in Adam Sandler comedies like Jack And Jill or Sandy Wexler, in addition to voice roles on shows like Rick And Morty. Carvey and Myers also occasionally reunite for Wayne’s World sketches. He currently co-hosts the podcast Fly on the Wall alongside fellow SNL alum David Spade.

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