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Dex Heller joined the General Hospital series on May 6, 2022 to manage the gym for Sonny Corinthos and replace Chet Driscoll on a temporary basis. Now, he is hunting for a permanent position. Meanwhile, he finds many twists and turns by being involved in several events.

Dex becomes the prime suspect in various cases and hatches a plan with Michael against Sonny. Michael joins hands with Dex to bring down Sonny as Sonny left his mother Carly for Nina. Similarly, Sonny kills Michael’s biological father.

Dex develops a secret relationship with Carly’s daughter, Josslyn Jacks, and Sonny is aware of it, but Dex does not stop opposing Sonny. However, he continues to question his decision while doing so.

Dex commits many crimes, such as being involved in investigating Sonny’s illegal shipments, kidnapping Felty for Sonny, and brutally abusing him. He spied on Josslyn by hiring Norman. Meanwhile, he was in a physical relationship with Josslyn while Josslyn already had a boyfriend named ‘Cameron Webber.’

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Dex Heller Decides To Leave General Hospital

Dex is about to make a big move that will disappoint Josslyn. It looks like Dex has been cornered in the series. As mentioned in the introduction, Dex’s goal is to live in Port Charles, and his goal is to expose Sonny’s criminal side and gather evidence against him for Michael.

Michael could have gone to the police and exposed Sonny’s criminal side. He might not know where Sonny buried every body, but he did know a few. However, he knew that he couldn’t fight Sonny forever. So he hired Dex to watch over Sonny.

Michael, Dex, and Sonny
Michael, Dex, and Sonny (Source: Soap Dirt)

On the one hand, Michael wants to bring down Sonny’s criminal empire. On the other hand, he knows he will forgive his adoptive father, Sonny, one day, and Sonny will be back in his old business again. Therefore, Michael has decided to stop his movement against Sonny and let him continue with his crimes.

Meanwhile, Dex must make a life-changing decision as all his attempts to unmask Sonny are in vain. He can continue working under Sonny, except he won’t be looking for evidence anymore, or he can leave his job as a gym trainer and Port Charles to start a new life elsewhere. Dex chose the second (and the most difficult) option.

After Dex Heller Decided To Get Out

Leaving Port Charles meant leaving Josslyn, and a decision had to be made to her. So, Dex took him to the roof of the hospital and started a conversation with ‘Sorry.’ Hearing it, Josslyn felt like she was going to leave him. Her nightmare comes true when Dex confesses that he will leave her and the place. Will he change his mind?

However, Josslyn and Dex are able to promise to continue following Sonny secretly and get him thrown into prison before Dex leaves Port Charles.

Meanwhile, Michael arrives at Sonny’s office, delighting him in the chance to repair a broken relationship. Michael expressed his desire to change things. Sonny changed after choosing Nina. However, he said that his love for his family has not changed over time. Will they get back together, and will each character get justice?

Dex and Josslyn
Dex Admits to Leaving Josslyn (Source: Citytv)

According to an interview, working for General Hospital is like a dream come true for Evan Hofer (Dex Heller). Dex is a completely new and popular character in the series. So, fans were taken aback by Evan Hofer’s unexpected exit. Since no official statement has been given by the actor, fans have assumed that he is busy with his upcoming projects.

Dex Could Be Sonny’s Son

According to Sonny, his first wife, Lily Corinthos, was pregnant when she died in the explosion of the car meant for her. However, Sonny had to be in the dark for 30 years. His wife must have survived and gave birth to a son. So, Dex’s mom, Lily, can answer our questions. Yes, you saw it coming. Dex is Sonny’s son and Michael’s half-brother.

Dex will begin to be loyal to his father and protect him from Michael. So Michael would be the villain, and Dex would make him pay for hurting his father. He would be against Michael calling Sonny ‘daddy’.

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