Difficult To Appear Completely, NCT Dream’s Synchronization At ‘Candy’ Dance Practice Makes You Unbelievable

The Fans Were Immediately Impressed And Couldn’t Believe How NCT Dream Was Really In Sync After The ‘Candy’ Dance Practice Video Was Shared On The SMP Floor YouTube Channel.

NCT Dream has again amazed fans with their synchronization. This was seen again after the ” Candy ” dance practice video was shared.

The SMP Floor YouTube channel today, Monday, December 26th, shared a video of the dance practice version of Moving. This video shows how to record NCT Dream when performing “Candy” to make it easier for the cameraman.

NCT Dream immediately made a wrong focus since the video was opened. Mark Lee , Renjun , Jeno , Haechan , Jaemin , Chenle , and Jisung showed their amazing ability to be completely in sync even though the choreography of the leg part was very difficult.

NCT Dream can even jump together while practicing for their new song. In fact, at several moments the NCT Dream members seemed to “reduce” when there was a choreography with front and back positions. This shows how synchronous one of these NCT subunits is.

The fans instantly burst into praise for how synchronized NCT Dream was. Not a few also claimed to be happy because NCT Dream seemed to really enjoy the moment of practicing “Candy”.

” Their synchronization is really crazy gosh, ” another praised. ” How can a group have a main vocalist who can dance very well too? Dream is really a diamond, ” another exclaimed. ” Their energy is indeed on a different level, ” said another. ” Their synchronization is absolutely insane! They are all master dancers, ” added another.

Many fans also gave praise for NCT Dream, which can be very synchronized despite their different schedules. NCT Dream is known to be difficult to appear as a complete member considering Mark and Haechan are sometimes busy with NCT 127 .

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