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If you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, let’s take things slow.
By that we mean by way of a slow cooked meal, which has been the problem-solving solution for families everywhere when faced with mouths to feed and no time to cook.
EveryPlate was so inspired by the slow cooker that they have now announced a new line of slow cooker meal offerings, found on the weekly menu of rotating meal options labeled “Big-Batch Faves.”
“At twice the size of our standard recipes, these generous portions can be twice as nice to enjoy, too: make for dinner one night, then refrigerate your leftovers and reheat them for lunch the next day,” stated the brand. 
You read that right. Not only are the meals designed for an easy cooking experience, but also to help cut down on meal prepping the next day with larger portions designed for leftovers — which some may argue are even more fun than the first night of food.
Don’t have a slow cooker? No problem, as these meals can just as easily be cooked in a large pot, left to simmer on the stove until ready to chow down, with instructions on how to cook on the stovetop included on each recipe card. 
“These recipes require minimal prep and setup, so you can leave it to your stovetop or slow cooker to do (most of) the work for you as they cook to tender perfection,” said the brand.
Spend less money per serving with these meals that start at $2.99 per serving, found on the weekly menu for a limited time. To tempt your appetite even more, options will include meals like Simmered Beef Bolognese over Linguine, Braised Southwest Chicken Legs with Zesty Rice & Lime Crema, and Low ’n’ Slow Tex-Mex Steak & Bean Soup with Potatoes, Tomatoes & Jalapeño. These meals and the rest of EveryPlate’s offerings are available for those who subscribe to the service. Need to sign up? New subscribers can save big with promo code NYPOST149 at checkout now.
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