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With the first hint of cool breeze, we feel it: a burning desire to start making fall recipes. Kick off the season with dishes like Pumpkin Banana Bread French Toast and New Orleans-Style Jambalaya.
"Angie Mar's centerpiece-worthy duck dish embraces the flavors of fall- caramel apples and smoked meats. She cold smokes the duck breast to gently infuse the meat with a subtle sweetness, and then slowly renders the fat cap to golden brown perfection. A brandy-spiked caramel brings it all together, balancing the rich meat and sweet-tart apples." –Paige Grandjean, Associate Food Editor
"I despise autumn on a visceral level, which tends to be a surprise to people. Yes, I am an eldergoth who rejects the notion of 'Spooky Season' because in the words of Ministry's Al Jourgensen, 'every day is Halloween,' and the daily creep of twilight toward somewhere around 3 p.m. causes my psyche to wither and blow away on a chilly wind. But dang it, that's when you get honeynut squash at the market, and can make this soul-warming dish from Damian Sansonetti, so I guess I have to deal. The recipe title may say butternut, but the smolder of Pimentón de la Vera and pan-toasted cumin and coriander, dirty density of Lacinato kale, and mild sting of apple cider vinegar sing in a glorious harmonic minor with the meaty sweetness of this smaller hybrid, or any other hard winter squash. Fine — have at your cozy sweaters and two-handed mugs fulla mulled stuff. I'll be hunched in the corner eating my smoky little squash steak and trying, uncharacteristically, to look on the bright side." –Kat Kinsman, Executive Features Editor
"It's hard to imagine a more perfect breakfast than French toast, and the addition of pumpkin banana bread helps transition this delightful dish into the best season of the year. Sweet, soothing, and convenient to make (the bread and custard can both be made a day ahead) this is about to be the centerpiece of October brunch." –Oset Babür-Winter, Senior Drinks Editor
“As soon as it begins getting cooler outside and the leaves begin to change, pumpkin gets added back into my baking rotation. This fall I’m excited to make this gluten-free pumpkin bread and even top it off with Pumpkin Butter!” –Alexandra Domrongchai, Editorial Fellow
"Chef Sam Fore's genius Mango Fluff combines the lightness of whipped cream and the rich fruity flavor of Kesar mangos into a delightfully airy-yet-vibrant pudding-like dessert. It's incredibly easy to make. You whip the cream, then whip canned mango pulp, condensed milk, and bloomed gelatin, and then fold those two whipped things together and chill it all for a few hours. The yield is ample: 1 batch provided dessert for 5 kids and 4 adults at a recent dinner party, where, sumptuous and bright, it was both indulgent and refreshing at the end of the meal. I'll definitely be serving this all fall — and possibly alongside my Thanksgiving pies for an upgrade on whipped cream." –Karen Shimizu, Executive Editor
"Feeling cozy is my favorite part of fall, and nothing accomplishes that quite like a warm bowl of stew. Heavy cream and herbs create a super luxurious sauce in this recipe, coating tender potatoes, sweet carrots, and rich, dark meat chicken. As an added bonus, it couldn't be easier to make — you sauté a few things, then put it all in a pot and let it simmer. Fall mode: engage." –Merlyn Miller, Social Media Editor
"As the air gets a little cooler and I start thinking of heartier dishes to cook and eat, this New Orleans-Style Jambalaya will definitely be on the table. I love cooking the andouille sausage, bacon, and smoked sausage first; it renders enough fat to cook the onion and vegetables, and gives them spicy, smoky undertones that you taste in each bite." –Chandra Ram Associate Editorial Director, Food
"Any dish from MARCH, the exquisite restaurant in Houston, Texas, promises elegance and delight. Delicate, briny clams pair so well with toasty, chewy fregola. The epitome of end of summer, start of fall, this dish has brightness and a rich depth from the spiced broth. If I can make my bowl look even close to our gorgeous cover star of the September 2022 issue, I'll be quite pleased." –Lucy Simon, Editorial Assistant
"Plums are my favorite shoulder season produce. Sweet, juicy, and tart, they recall the brightness of summer while ushering in fall. So this autumn, I'm eager to bake Kate Leahy's Sweet Plum Focaccia. Topped with wedges of red plums that gorgeously stain the top crust while lending their subtle sweetness to the airy, light, and crisp bread, it's the perfect not-too-sweet dessert or cheeky breakfast bake." –Kelsey Youngman, Food Editor
"Yes, these donuts from Joanne Chang, the Boston-based pastry chef who founded Flour Bakery + Café, take a while to make. But that's only because of proofing—not active cooking time—so don't be scared away! The pillows of yeasty, sugary goodness, filled with a marshmallowy maple meringue (say that ten times fast!), are worth the wait. Whether in the morning for breakfast or as an afternoon snack, they're the perfect fall treat." –Nina Friend, Features Editor
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