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MANILA, Philippines – Filipino food sure is eggcellent! Gastronomic catalog Taste Atlas named Tortang Talong as the number one egg dish in the world, while balut is the worst, according to their audiences. 
The flavor encyclopedia posted a tier list of egg dishes on their Facebook page on Sunday, August 7. It shows the eggplant dish at the top of the bunch with a rating of 4.7, followed by Iran’s Kuku Sabzi (4.6) and Mexico’s Huevos Divorciados (4.5).
Taste Atlas describes the delicacy as a “simple Filipino dish” where roasted “whole eggplants are dipped into the egg mixture and are then shortly pan-fried until the entire dish starts to resemble a crispy omelet.”
Tortang Talong is best enjoyed by Filipinos when paired with the classic steamed rice, tomato, and banana ketchup combination. I can also include ingredients like ground meat and vegetables according to one’s preference. 
“Inexpensive and quickly prepared, tortang talong can be enjoyed at any time of day as a hearty breakfast, lunch, or dinner,” Taste Atlas added. Additionally, the website recommends having the omelet dish at home-grown food spots Sarsa Kitchen + Bar, La Preciosa Restaurant, and LZM Restaurant. 
On the contrary, balut has gotten mixed sentiments from audiences, naming it the worst egg dish in the world with a 2.7 audience rating. Even though the Filipino-famous street food is a thumbs down for many global critics, it is hailed as the 21st most popular egg dish in the world. 
“Although balut is closely associated with Filipino cuisine and has achieved popularity throughout the world, it is still considered a poor man’s meal in the Philippines,” Taste Atlas described. 
The food database has also featured the Philippines’ Sinigang as the 7th best soup in the world, along with Bulalo and Tinolang Manok. – with reports from Sydney Cañamo/
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