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Abbott Laboratories misrepresents that its Ensure nutrition drinks are healthy, despite their sugar content scientifically proving otherwise, a new class action lawsuit alleges.
Plaintiffs Condalisa LeGrand and Larissa Bates claim Abbott adds up to 22 grams of sugar into its Ensure nutrition drinks, in spite of advertising them as “Complete, Balanced Nutrition for everyday health.” 
LeGrand and Bates argue Abbott’s representations of its Ensure nutrition drinks as healthy are “false and misleading” due to “a vast body of scientific evidence demonstrating that consuming sugar sweetened beverages harms rather than supports overall health.” 
“In light of this sugar content and the scientific evidence, Abbott’s representations that the Ensure Nutrition Drinks are balanced, nutritious, and healthy, are false and misleading,” states the Ensure class action. 
LeGrand and Bates want to represent a nationwide class and New York and California subclasses of consumers who have purchased for personal or household use any of Abbott’s Ensure nutrition drinks. 
LeGrand and Bates claim Abbott is guilty of unjust enrichment and intentional and negligent misrepresentation, and in violation of, among other things, New York General Business Law, and California’s Consumers Legal Remedies Act
Plaintiffs are demanding a jury trial and requesting declaratory and injunctive relief along with an award of compensatory and punitive damages for themselves and all class members. 
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration acknowledged last month that there were shortcomings in its response to the nationwide baby formula shortage caused by a bacterial contamination at an Abbott Nutrition factory.
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The plaintiffs are represented by Jack Fitzgerald, Paul K. Joseph, Melanie Persinger, Trevor M. Flynn, and Caroline S. Emhardt of Fitzgerald Joseph LLP. 
The Ensure nutrition drinks class action lawsuit is LeGrand, et al. v. Abbott Laboratories, Case No. 3:22-cv-05815, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.
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I been buying them for myself and parents for years. Pls add me
I have stomach issues and sometime hard to digest solids. I have had to rely on Ensure. I am unhappy with the high amounts of sugar false nutritional information.
I have been drinking these since I was a teenager. In hopes I can double calories and gain nutrients while gaining weight. I ended up having high blood sugar and having to stop drinking them altogether. It’s way too much sugar in these liquid diet drinks.
These folks need some nutrition education. For example, a person’s brain runs on sugar in the form of glucose and requires 120 grams of it every day. An average person requires 600 grams of glucose per day. Sugar isn’t bad for you as it’s a simple carbohydrate that we all need. The problem is if a person consumes too much carbohydrates that may include sugar in relation to other nutrients consumed.
I’ve been buying it for my elderly parents and grandparents
Oh I’ve been drinking them for years. Supposedly to help with my weight gain. Didn’t know they weren’t such a healthy choice
Add Me
I have been drinking ensure for years. There claims of nutrition led me to believe it was packed with nothing but protein, vitamins, and minerals.
Please add me! My husband drank these daily & they never helped him at all.
Add me please
Add me
I’ve purchased several packs for my dad and for my son who happens to be a diabetic.
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