Excited, IU’s First Post After Lee Jong Suk’s Dating News

IU Finally Reappeared On Instagram For The First Time After Previously Causing An Uproar Because It Was Confirmed That She Is Currently In A Relationship With Lee Jong Suk.

IU has finally reappeared on Instagram since it was revealed that Dispatch is now in a love affair with Lee Jong Suk . IU and Lee Jong Suk themselves later admitted that they were now in the status of lovers after being friends for 10 years.

IU looks very adorable in her new upload on Instagram. He appeared to carry out his duties as the brand ambassador for the luxury brand, Gucci.

IU looked cute by showing the small yellow bag from the Gucci collection. This beautiful singer and actress shows a graceful side in a cool and casual dress in the upload.

This beautiful woman whose real name is Lee Ji Eun only gives emojis related to the color yellow. He added moon, bee, yellow heart, lemon and cheese emojis.

The fans immediately became excited, not playing with IU’s new upload. Not a few who claim to really miss IU.

” After a very long time… I miss you my dear, ” said one fan. ” I hope you are healthy and have a beautiful life, ” said another. ” BNGTT IU BEAUTIFUL, ” another praised.

There are also quite a few fans who still mention IU’s lover in the upload. Fans hope that IU and Lee Jong Suk will be happy and be able to step down the aisle.

” Posting after the news of dating Ayang Cie Cieeeee, ” explained another. ” Mas LJS’s boyfriend, why is he so beautiful, pen w sack, ” another comment. ” The default is to always kiss cieein, ” said another.

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