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Published 11:00 am Sunday, October 9, 2022
By Staff Reports
By Jennie Guido
I am a creature of comfort. With fall taking over and the crisp mornings knocking on my window (finally), I am quick to the coffee pot each morning for a warm cup of joe. However, come lunch and dinner time, there are so many options for comfort food in this town that narrowing it down to my top three was quite difficult.
Down by the River Red Beans and& Rice
Wardo’s Poboys
What is not good on the menu at Wardo’s? I have yet to find something that I can live without. The roast beef options are delightful, the meatball po-boy is heavenly, and I have a hard time leaving without a shake of some flavor. However, my go-to and item I crave is the Red Beans and Rice.
This is an item that doesn’t grace too many menus in our area; however, it’s a staple in our homes. Sorry, Mom; but I will say that I prefer the Wardo’s recipe as a favorite. It’s savory, lightly spiced, thickened with ground beef, and good to the last spoonful.
Pro-tip. Ask for bread and you will be gifted with buttered and toasted slices of that yummy po-boy bread for dipping.
Sunday Buffet
Southside Market
 I’m sure there are specials other days of the week that are good and will do the trick. However, there are few Sundays that I don’t wake up and think about a plate of a meat and three vegetables from Southside Market.
Growing up, Sunday lunch from the Piggly Wiggly was a treat. Mom did have to stop me from getting all of the carb options as my vegetables, and it’s easy to see why. The cornbread dressing is consistently delicious and perfect topped with brown gravy. The macaroni and cheese makes me want to slap someone – it’s so good. Let’s not leave out the broccoli casserole. It’s to die for.
Sure. You can choose whatever meat you’d like, but you’re wrong for not getting the fried chicken. Hands down – best in town.
Friday Chicken Pot Pie
Mammy’s Cupboard
Again, there is very little on the menu at Mammy’s Cupboard that isn’t a good choice. I love their chicken salad, and am a big fan of the peanut butter and jelly, but I can’t get enough of that Friday special – the Chicken Pot Pie.
Yes, it comes with a side of vegetable soup (which I sometimes substitute for potato salad) and that heavenly layered salad. I’ll be honest. I wouldn’t mind the addition of a salad sampler on the menu consisting of a scoop of chicken salad, a scoop of potato salad, and a helping of the layered salad. I would order it every day but Friday. I just can’t miss that flaky crust and creamy filling.
Of course, order your dessert pie first. You don’t want to miss out on your preferred flavor. For me, it’s chocolate icebox because it’s calorie-free (wink wink).

Now that it’s fall, what kind of winter do you think we’ll have?

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