Former NMIXX Jinni Reportedly Joins THE BLACK LABEL Taeyang And Jeon Somi’s Agencies

Jinni’s Departure From NMIXX Is Very Unfortunate Considering His Abilities. If It Is True That The Idol Joins Another Agency, Then His Fans Can See Him Again Being Active In The Entertainment World.

On December 9, JYP Entertainment as the agency released an official statement regarding Jinni’s departure from NMIXX. After officially leaving his old agency, the owner of the real name Choi Yunjin is reported to have joined a new agency, THE BLACK LABEL.

THE BLACK LABEL itself is a sub-label of YG Entertainment. With producer Teddy as CEO, the label oversees Jeon Somi and most recently, BIG BANG ‘s Taeyang officially joined THE BLACK LABEL recently.

Jinni’s departure from NMIXX is very unfortunate considering her ability in singing and dancing. If it is true that the idol joins another agency, then his fans can see him again being active in the entertainment world.

The news of Jinni joining THE BLACK LABEL has become a topic of conversation among netizens in the Instiz online community. Even though he didn’t oppose Jinni joining another agency, many netizens doubted the veracity of this news.

“But his abilities and visuals are good, so I think he will join another agency…” commented netizens.

“I wish he could go to THE BLACK LABEL, but that’s misunderstood,” another commented. “Female celebrities and female trainees are always rumored to be joining THE BLACK LABEL after leaving their agency,” added another.

Meanwhile, YouTuber Sojang claims that Jinni was kicked out for moral reasons, where she was accused of going to a motel with her boyfriend. On the other hand, all posts about the idol have been deleted by JYP Entertainment from NMIXX’s official social media account.

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