Furious Accused Of Undergoing Plastic Surgery, Siti Badriah Outspoken The Facts Behind Her Beauty

Siti Badriah Seems To Have Run Out Of Words After Being Accused Of Undergoing Plastic Surgery Again, Now She Immediately Gave A Sharp And Scathing Reply By Explaining The Secret Of Her Facial Beauty.

Siti Badriah immediately reacted after finding an oblique comment that appeared on her social media account. This time, the singer who is familiarly called Sibad was furious because he was accused of looking beautiful as a result of plastic surgery.

Through a TikTok video upload, Siti Badriah can be seen highlighting the comments of a netizen who accused her of having plastic surgery. Krisjiana Baharudin ‘s wife was also furious because this was not the first time this comment had come to her. But of course again Sibad firmly denied

“Oh my God, there are still people who call me opresyong. Opresyong from where? Not yet, my son, your honor, I haven’t had surgery yet, oh my God,” said Siti Badriah, who was so furious that she couldn’t speak.

Siti Badriah then explained that the secret behind her beauty was that she took good care of her face. It wasn’t an operation, in fact Sibad explained one by one the treatments he was doing in order to maintain his beautiful face.

One of them is by using the veneer technique to straighten the teeth. Apart from that, Sibad doesn’t deny doing lip fillers to make them look more voluminous.

These answers were delivered by Sibad strikingly. The reason is that she is loudly proud of her husband, Krisjiana, who also takes on a big role so that she can take care of her beauty.

“I am being treated well. Thank God I have a husband, Krisjiana, he takes good care of me, fixes what is lacking, no one has been operated on yet, thank God,” said Sibad scathingly. “This dish (nose) has been like this since childhood, Alhamdulillah. There are bones, but they haven’t been treated. The lips are filler, so there is volume, then the treatment of the chin is sharpened, but now it’s gone. The teeth on the veneers were slanted, now they’re on veneers, good,” he explained.

Sibad then emphasized that he was only undergoing treatment, and not carrying out plastic surgery as alleged. “Continue with all the laser treatments. No one has been operated on,” he concluded.

Sibad’s video managed to provoke various comments from netizens. Most defended the singer of the song “More Beautiful”. They judge that beauty can also be obtained through treatment and not always by means of plastic surgery. Comments supporting Siti Badriah suddenly appeared.

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