GDA 2023: Sneaking Abs, Sakura Miyawaki LE SSERAFIM Spreads Gym Spirit

Having Previously Garnered Attention For Her Muscular Arms, Sakura Miyawaki LE SSERAFIM Has Transmitted Her Passion For Sports With Her Peeking Abs At The 2023 Golden Disc Awards.

Miyawaki Sakura and LE SSERAFIM have shown an epic stage during the 2023 Golden Disc Awards (GDA) which was held on Saturday (7/1). On that occasion, the five members performed the stage “The Great Mermaid”, “FEARLESS”, “Impurities” and “No Celestial”.

In particular, Sakura Miyawaki’s body attracted the attention of many people. Through the photos circulating when Sakura was on stage, her beautiful abs peeked between the white high-waist skirt outfit and the silver-blue one-shoulder crop top.

After previously, Sakura Miyawaki surprised many people after accidentally showing off her muscular arms , now she is back in the conversation because of her beautiful body. Sakura’s increasingly muscular, toned and beautiful appearance seems to have infected netizens in online forums with a passion for sports.

“Just seeing LE SSERAFIM, I want to start exercising… But the problem is I don’t want to,” said another netizen. “I went to the gym this year…” added another.

So fascinated by Sakura’s abs shape, netizens even joked that this beautiful idol has a body like a wood tensioner. In general, fans love Sakura’s beautiful visuals from head to toe.

“Sakura’s face is a beautiful girl but her body is that of a lumberjack,” commented one netizen. “Hul I never thought he had abs but it suits him,” continued another netizen.

“Their stage is very fun to watch and their stomachs are amazing kekeke. Even though they are all thin, they look very strong and their bodies are good,” said another.

Meanwhile, LE SSERAFIM has made a comeback after releasing their latest album “Antifragile” with the title track of the same name. This girl group made by Source Musik has sold at least 1,045,471 album copies cumulatively.

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