Going And Going Separated, Chronology Of Lee Jong Suk And IU Secretly Dating In Japan Dismantled Dispatch

Dispatch Managed To Reveal Lee Jong Suk And IU’s Date In Japan During The Christmas Moment, Even Though Both Of Them Were Very Careful. Dispatch Also Revealed The Chronology Of IU And Lee Jong Suk’s Meeting In Japan.

Lee Jong Suk’s agency finally confirmed the news of the actor’s date with IU shortly after Dispatch announced the information. Dispatch announced Lee Jong Suk and IU as a celebrity couple in a romantic relationship on Saturday (31/12). One of the pieces of evidence that Dispatch provided was photos of Lee Jong Suk and IU dating in Japan during the Christmas holidays.

In its report, Dispatch revealed that Lee Jong Suk and IU were quite careful in their relationship. Including while enjoying the Christmas holidays together in Japan.

Lee Jong-suk personally prepared for a trip to Japan. It was done by myself without the knowledge of the manager. In fact, Lee Jong Suk was willing to go back and forth between Osaka (20) – Tokyo (23) – Nagoya (24) – Tokyo (26) – Seoul (27) in order to smooth out his Christmas date with IU.

From the 20th to the 27th, they held fan meetings and dates in three cities in Japan. In addition, Lee Jong Suk is also said to care for IU’s younger brother.

Even so, fans who are used to dating rumors and rumors of their idols will probably be aware that they are a couple. Because Lee Jong Suk and IU were caught wearing the same glasses and carrying the same bag. Even though the flight path was intricately twisted, but the couple’s item was something simple.

Dispatch also revealed that Lee Jong Suk and IU had only been in a relationship for about 4 months after previously maintaining a friendship relationship for 10 years.

Before Dispatch was revealed, Lee Jong Suk was known to have caused a stir with his actions at the 2022 MBC Drama Awards winning speech, Friday (30/12) evening. At that time, Lee Jong Suk seemed to be coding about ‘ someone ‘ who became his idol. Many K-netz gave a positive response to Lee Jong Suk’s victory speech.

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