Golden Disc Awards 2023: J-Hope BTS Will Attend, Army Even Feels Tricked

J-Hope BTS Seems To Have Left For Bangkok To Attend The 2023 Golden Disc Awards. However, Since Some Time Ago BTS Fans Have Actually Felt They Were Victims Of Fraud.

J-Hope BTS is scheduled to attend the 2023 Golden Disc Awards (GDA), which will be held on Saturday (7/1) today. But apparently the fans felt cheated by the previous organizer’s announcement regarding J-Hope’s presence at the event. How come?

On December 14, 2022, the organizers announced the second line-up for GDA 2023. With the announcement of the line-up, ARMY enthusiastically assumed J-Hope’s appearance at the event and bought tickets to attend and witness it in person.

But recently fans have started to have doubts about J-Hope’s stage appearance at the 2023 Golden Disc Awards. One of the reasons, J-Hope did not share news of his appearance on Instagram as before. That concern seems to have become clearer after the JTBC report was released.

” BTS J-Hope, who was nominated for Album of the Year as an individual and as a group, will also be attending the Golden Disc Awards . J-Hope will not be performing, but he will be going to Thailand to meet fans. We look forward to seeing him ready to meet with his fans in anticipation of winning the award ,” said an excerpt from the article released by JTBC.

Even so, fans still hoped for J-Hope’s appearance at GDA. The reason is, they are promoting J-Hope as a “line up artist” at the event.

However, the Golden Disc Awards remained silent about J-Hope’s appearance. Meanwhile, neither HYBE nor J-Hope confirmed anything about their appearance at the 2023 Golden Disc Awards which will be held at the Rajamangala National Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

Fans are still demanding answers as to whether J-Hope will appear, because it seems they were ‘tricked’ into buying tickets. Some fans also expressed their frustration with HYBE for allowing the Golden Disc Awards to “trick” fans into deceptively using J-Hope’s name. Various hashtags appeared on Twitter to enliven the problem.

Meanwhile, J-Hope is known to have appeared at Incheon International Airport, on Saturday (7/1) morning. J-Hope is reported to be traveling from Korea to Thailand, to attend the 2023 Golden Disc Awards.

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