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Cooking is one of many relaxing Graveyard Keeper side activities for players to enjoy. This guide will help players expand their cooking options.
Despite its reputation and name, Graveyard Keeper offers players more than just groundskeeping duties – there's no shortage of mini-games, NPC quest lines, or items to study to get points for various skill-trees. One of the game's many enjoyable pastimes is cooking. While it's relatively unused in the base game, Graveyard Keeper's DLCs required to make food in bulk, so they should familiarize themselves with these systems as soon as possible.
If players want to maximize their culinary skill-trees and unlock the Chef trophy/achievement, they'll need to track down all the food and drink recipes in the game. Some are easier to find than others, and by reading on, Graveyard Keeper players will have bellies full of food and kitchens full of knowledge.
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As players begin their quest to become a master of the culinary arts, several NPCs will need to be visited.
For players to check the recipes they currently have unlocked, they must navigate to the Cookery section of the technologies tab.
Note that while some foods have very similar names ('a bowl of pumpkin soup' & 'pumpkin soup', for example), they will have different recipes, different stats when consumed, and must both be cooked to get closer to unlocking the Chef trophy/achievement.
The Stranger Sins DLC also unlocks a professional oven that creates food in bulk for a fraction of the energy cost.
Graveyard Keeper is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.
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