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Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Episode 19 and 20 are coming out soon, and we have all the necessary details about the same, so without further ado, let’s find out Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Episode 19 and 20 release date and streaming guide.

We see that Teddy (played by Kim Raver) and Richard (played by James Pickens Jr.) exchange some good news: for that year’s Catherine Prize, three Gray Sloan employees—Nick (played by Scott) for his successful transplant surgery while Winston (played by Anthony Hill) for their outstanding heart transplant surgeries—all of which have been nominated for prizes.

When Amelia (played by Caterina Scorsone) tries to congratulate Winston, he once again looks away. Although Winston rejects Richard’s congratulations, he admits to Richard that seeing Maggie at the ceremony would be uncomfortable.

Nick, on the other hand, claims he won’t be coming to the event. Then we see that Richard suspects Nick was just trying to avoid seeing Mer, who is now a resident of Beantown, despite his claims that he doesn’t believe in medical merit ratings.

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Richard explains to Nick that skipping the event would be disrespectful to Gray Sloan and Richard’s girlfriend. Nick finally gave up and told Richard he would be leaving later. After all, he was respected by his apprentices.

Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 19 Preview
Grey’s Anatomy still. (Credit: ABC)

As a result of being missed once again for the Catherine Fox Award, Amelia (played by Caterina Scorsone), Owen (played by Kevin McKidd), and Bailey (played by Chandra Wilson) are a little angry. For all the medical advancements she’s led over the years, Bailey could have taken the award time and time again.

Former Air Force pilot Sam (Sam Page) is recovering from his multiple fractures. Link tells Jo that telling Sam he is not married is not a professional move. Jo shook off his annoyance.

Sam is once again astonished by him when he quickly heals a postoperative hematoma by cutting off his leg. Maxine (played by Juliet Mills), who last week had a UTI that led to delirium and sepsis, is still in the hospital.

His roommate and friend, Millin (played by Adelaide Kane), manages to get involved in Max’s case. But when Max crashes into the restroom, bleeding from the brain and breaking ribs, Bailey fires Millin. In the end, Millin had little choice but to sit on the sidelines and worry.

Ray (played by Lincoln A. Castellanos), a 28-year-old with at-risk abdominal aortic aneurysm, proves to be a new patient. Then we see how Teddy is desperate to perform the surgery needed to repair Ray’s aorta, but Ray escapes from the facility after learning about the potential complications.

“The authorization form said I might die, and there are many ways for that to happen,” he told Teddy. Adams (played by Niko Terho) follows Ray and suggests they take a walk and talk.

Then Ray tells her that he had a dream that his grandfather in heaven had promised that they would be reunited for their 30th birthday while they were taking a walk in the park. Ray was finally convinced to agree to the procedure by Adams.

As a result, when Ray’s aorta is damaged in the scan room, and he dies despite Teddy’s efforts to save him, Adams is clearly upset. Later, Nick explained to Adams that one feature of ADHD is a tendency to focus on the outcome of unsuccessful surgery.

In other news, Griffith (played by Alexis Floyd) has postponed his wedding and rushed to RSVP because of his grandmother’s worsening dementia.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 19, Episode 19 and 20 Release Date

Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Episodes 19 and 20 will be released on May 19, 2023. Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Episodes 19 and 20 will air on ABC in the US at 9 p.m., while FNAs worldwide will have to conform to their local clocks with the times listed. here:

  • India: 06:30 AM Indian Standard Time (20 May 2023)
  • Europe: 1 AM Greenwich Mean Time (20 May 2023)
  • Australia: 12 PM Eastern Australian Summer Time (19 May 2023)
  • US: 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (19 May 2023)
  • Canada: 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (19 May 2023)

How to watch Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Episode 19 and 20?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Episodes 19 and 20 will air on ABC for viewers. Moreover, after that it can be accessed online by visiting the same official website. The VPN can be used by international viewers to access the program.

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