Han Hyo Joo Shares Diet Tips, Admits Like Eating Monkey Menu

Han Hyo Joo Admitted That Working Out And Dieting Were Really Hard On The Film And Her Character. He Works Out A Lot, Even Spending All Day In His Schedule Just Working Out.

Cosmopolitan Korea recently shared a video titled ” Actress Han Hyo Joo reveals tips for unexpected back muscles? All dieters, come here “. As the title implies, Han Hyo Joo shares about her diet to maintain weight.

In the released video, Han Hyo Joo reveals how busy she has been during her career in the entertainment industry.

The actress continued, “I’m very greedy for work, so I work like a workaholic. I put up with hard work. I really like acting, and that’s why I don’t take breaks. Acting is probably my driving force. I love my job.”

Regarding the Disney+ original series ” Moving “, Han Hyo Joo said, “You will see all kinds of superpowers in this work. I think it will be a new genre that we have never seen in Korean dramas.”

He emphasized, “ Jo In Sung oppa , who appears in this work as my husband, has the ability to fly. I want to just fly. I think it will be very refreshing.”

In addition, Han Hyo Joo mentioned his back muscles, which have recently become a hot topic. He said, “I was shooting a movie called ‘ Believeer 2 ‘ and I had been working out and dieting really hard for the movie and my character. I worked out a lot. I even put all day in my schedule just working out. It’s my job.”

The actress continued, “I also go on a diet at the same time. I eat a banana, two boiled eggs, and soy milk for breakfast. I eat potatoes and eggs for dinner then digest them and sleep. I have to reduce the amount of food I eat.” to lose weight.”

“But because I feel very hungry, I eat foods that can reduce my hunger like eggs and bananas. I have eaten so much that I think I have become a monkey,” he continued, inviting laughter with his complaints. He added, “For those who are on a diet, fighting!”

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